Sometimes We Just Have to Dance It Out

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Jan 302011

After a wonderful weekend filled with friends, a birthday celebration, lots of laughter, dancing and great food, I can’t believe it is already over (making little time to blog–sorry!). More details to come with all of the festivities including a birthday dinner at a Japanese Grill in Sacramento, big breakfasts, lots of cake, and my first taste of Persian food at a UC Davis Engineers Without Boarders fundraiser. There was also a lot of dancing this weekend in celebration of the birthday and also at the fundraiser gathering. Sometimes in life, you just need to add a little hop in your step, put on your favorite song, and dance your worries away! I personally feel like dancing is a wonderful way to relieve stress, especially when you jump around and dance like no one’s watching (you know you’ve all tried it at least once!). And it is especially fun when [Continue Reading…]

One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish: None.

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Jan 282011

Since President Obama’s State of the Union Address, salmon has been the talk of the town this week. His reference towards this subject got me thinking (and also many others), and I wanted to learn more about the issue. In our day-to-day lives, we tend to be as venturous as we can about educating ourselves about the world and issues that surround us. But it is impossible to know everything, and with all of this information coming at us from multiple mediums, how are we suppose to make sure that we catch everything let alone retain every little detail we read on a daily basis? This issue got me thinking about sustainable fishing. I mean, I have taken classes on sustainability, done research projects, read books about it and also try to read any article I come across that mentions sustainability in my RSS feeds. But the fun (and sometimes [Continue Reading…]

Jan 262011
Peruvian Cuisine: Love at First Bite

This weekend in Wine Country, my eyes, stomach, and pallete got the tastiest little treat. After reading a review about a newer Peruvian restaurant, Sazon, in the SF Gate, I was determined to try it out. It didn’t take me long to convince a couple of friends to join, and together we had such a wonderful experience. The tastes, the ambiance, the service and of course, the company made for such a delightful afternoon. The little restaurant is hard to spot because it blends in with all the other shops in the area but once you find it and head inside, your surrounding instantly changes. Like a diamond in the ruff, I was extremely surprised with the well-designed interior and cozy atmosphere. Now, I’m going to take you through the late lunch as if you were there, so for those of you who haven’t had a Peruvian food experience yet, get ready to [Continue Reading…]

My Soul Mate, Food.

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Jan 232011

Intimacy and close relationships are essential in our everyday lives. In the book, The Art of Happiness, the author states that an individual’s most basic fear is the threat of being separated from other human beings. The book also dives deeper into explaining that the notion of intimacy also benefits an individual physically. Scientists have proven that the chances of heart disease and cancer significantly decrease if a person has a spouse or close friend they can trust in their life. This idea of intimacy is a strong tool that we sometimes forget to use. I have always been someone that seeks new friendships while trying to maintain the old, and I truly feel defeated if someone I once cared so much about is no longer a part of my life but that digression has influenced me try even harder to keep the bonds with the people I truly care about. [Continue Reading…]

Being Fearless With Food

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Jan 192011

“Sharing food is the best way to experience other cultures.” Lately, I have been obsessed the TV Show Bizarre Foods. For those of you who have never watched the show, the host Andrew Zimmern visits cities around the world and explores their culture through their food. He finds many traditions and foods that our culture is not use to and gives insight on how they give character to that particular region. Although many of the things that Andrew Zimmern eats do not appeal instantly to my taste buds, his encounters and perspective keep me hooked episode after episode. I still giggle every time he mentions durian (a fruit with a hard, spiky shell that gives off an odor you can smell a mile away after you open it) and how it is one of the only things he still can’t eat. His references to it makes me smile because I use to eat it all [Continue Reading…]

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