Life’s Deep-Fried Contradictions

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Feb 252011
Life's Deep-Fried Contradictions

With all of this dreary rain from the week, I can’t help but daydream about the warm summer days that will be here before we know it. One of my favorite treats to eat on a warm afternoon is deep-fried green tea ice cream. My friends and I would go to this sushi restaurant and order it whenever we could. It is simply amazing. Every single time. Now, the green tea ice cream in the picture above is not deep-fried because I like to use original photos and have not had deep-fried ice cream lately. But, I assure you that it is something you must try. The ice cream is extremely cold but the perfect creamy consistency when you bite into it. On the outside, the crispy and warm fried batter compliments the frozen ice cream–it’s like they’re soul mates, meant to be together forever. And this combination of hot [Continue Reading…]

Easy Brie-zy

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Feb 232011
Easy Brie-zy

Dressing up for a special occasion or using decorations to celebrate holidays or parties are so much fun! I will always look for an excuse to put on some heels, a nice dress and a new coat. And although I am not one to complain about wearing everyday jeans, a sweatshirt and other more comfortable attire, there is something exhilarating about switching up an old routine every now and then. We all experience this during the holidays or with events that don’t occur very often. These new happenings build a sense of anticipation and excitement in our minds and allow for a change of pace in our normal lifestyles. And that brings my point to brie. A classic cheese that makes its appearance at many of these events and occasions. The flavor is subtle enough for non-cheese enthusiasts to still enjoy yet still has just the right taste for any [Continue Reading…]

Feb 202011
Dim Sum in San Francisco

As a graphic designer I am definitely a visual person, and I tend to enjoy items that aesthetically appeal to the eye–clothes, pictures, well-packaged accessories, and food! And I think that is why I particularly love dim sum. For those of you who have never eaten dim sum, the dishes are fantastic, but for me the element of how the meal works is even more impressive. Throughout your meal, servers walk around the restaurant with food on display for you to look at before you decide if you want it or not. They each have a different item they are serving, and if they pass by and you see something you like you call out to them and tell them how many orders you want. If what they announce to you doesn’t sound or look appealing, you simply smile at them and politely decline. Many dishes consist of items steamed in [Continue Reading…]

Feb 172011
Friendship Beer Bread

Have you ever gotten Amish Friendship Bread from a friend or co-worker? I know I have, and it’s always been a joy to receive and then to eat! Well, seeing as I recently finished college, I believe that now is an appropriate time to introduce Beer Bread to you. Surprisingly enough, I actually did not learn about Beer Bread through my college friends. Instead, my co-workers raved about it, and I had it for the first time at a company event. It’s a little more dense than other breads and has a thick, crispy crust. Moist, buttery, and slightly salty with a hint of beer flavor–this bread did not disappoint me. A couple months went by and I attended another event that also had Beer Bread. This time, I was determined to find the recipe! To my surprise, the recipe is actually really easy! My co-workers and I debated what [Continue Reading…]

Feb 152011
Sweet Potato or Yam?

I have eaten sweet potatoes and yams all of my life, but every time I take a bite of these flavorful vegetables, I can’t help but wonder: Am I eating a yam or a sweet potato? And what in the world is the difference between the two?! Well, I was on a mission to set the record straight with this issue, but after consulting many results that came out of my Google search, honestly I still don’t know! There are so many different answers that I can’t exactly pinpoint the correct one. I did find this chart that helps explain the technical terms, and according to the site, sweet potatoes are marketed as yams but they’re actually sweet potatoes–so I guess that solves the mystery? That website isn’t very official but unless someone corrects me (which I hope you do if you know the answer!), this is what I am [Continue Reading…]

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