Feb 252011

With all of this dreary rain from the week, I can’t help but daydream about the warm summer days that will be here before we know it. One of my favorite treats to eat on a warm afternoon is deep-fried green tea ice cream. My friends and I would go to this sushi restaurant and order it whenever we could. It is simply amazing. Every single time. Now, the green tea ice cream in the picture above is not deep-fried because I like to use original photos and have not had deep-fried ice cream lately. But, I assure you that it is something you must try. The ice cream is extremely cold but the perfect creamy consistency when you bite into it. On the outside, the crispy and warm fried batter compliments the frozen ice cream–it’s like they’re soul mates, meant to be together forever. And this combination of hot and cold, soft and crunchy doesn’t logically sound like they’d be very tasty together, but it’s a wonderful fusion that you will remember for a very long time. The deep fried ice cream would go great with any flavor, but since I have an obsession with anything related to coffee and/or tea, I was instantly hooked on the green tea flavor.

This dessert contradicts the notion of ice cream. Ice cream that is deep fried?! A dish that starts out at 6 degrees Fahrenheit and is then dunked in oil over 350 degrees? But the outcome of the two creates something much greater than if they were eaten alone. I guess this proves that opposites do attract! In life, we experience contradictions quite frequently–loving someone even if it hurts us, spending money even when we know we need to be saving it, or eating spicy food until our taste buds are numb. We learn to handle these illogical actions and constantly strive to make sense of them. Sometimes, we have to accept that we will never understand why we are satisfied by these feelings or reactions, but there are also moments in life where contradictions are great blessings. Just like working out at the gym until we are sore in order to stay healthy, being completely spontaneous about a decision that probably isn’t ideal but enables you to explore something new, or pigging out on some deep-fried green tea ice cream–our lives would be a lot more dull without contradictions.

Sometimes the best things come in unpredictable forms, and we must do our best to keep our eyes open and embrace all the endless possibilities of life (and food!).

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