Mar 222011

Holidays (any holiday) are the perfect excuse to make festive treats and desserts. And I completely enjoy when friends and readers recommend recipes and dishes for me! So for this holiday, I took some recommendations and on top of the Irish cream bundt cake with Baileys glaze, I made a chocolate stout cake (the recipe can be found here) and some holiday themed dark chocolate cake truffles. The chocolate stout cake was especially fun to make because I’ve never worked with beer in a cake (although I have made beer bread), and I also got to use sour cream in a cake for the first time as well! The cake turned out very moist and a little more dense than normal cakes. I topped it off with some Baileys cream cheese frosting, a light dusting of cocoa powder, and it was ready to go!

And I can’t forget about the cake truffles. This recipe is so incredibly easy to make and alter if needed, plus it is perfect if you need to feed a lot of people. I brought a huge container to work for my colleagues with plenty to spare for my weekend with friends. They turned out to be great snacks for everyone, and it was just so much fun making these themed treats! I was able to enjoy them while hanging out in the Bay Area with some of the best ladies I know–what a great way to end the holiday. I hope everyone’s holiday weekend was filled with fun and great food as well!

Dark chocolate center with a milk chocolate coating

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  1. oh, be still my chocolate loving heart. and beer. *sigh* they look great- thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you!! This could be a great treat for you once you have your baby! :)

  3. these look great!! can’t wait to try the cake truffles, thanks for sharing!

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