Apr 082011

Saturday morning, we got up early and took the ferry out to the Statue of Liberty. From the island, you can see the entire Manhattan skyline! It’s a beautiful sight, and we had a lot fun reading up on the history of the Statue as well as hiking up staircase after staircase to the pedestal to take some more pictures. There’s also a part inside the statue where you can see the engineering design of the statue that supports the exterior of the sculpture–it is incredible. The Statue of Liberty was a lot bigger than I imagined, and we took our time exploring the island. After deciding to skip Ellis Island, we ended back up in Battery Park and caught a great street show! It’s exciting to see performances like that since they rarely happen at all in the city I’m from. After that, I picked up some roasted nuts from a street vendor–roasted cashews, to be exact. Warm, sweet and slightly buttery–these nuts were the perfect snack to give me some energy for the rest of our day.

Delicious roasted cashews from a street vendor (only $3 dollars!)

Then we hopped on the subway (which is amazing since it comes about every 6 minutes!) and headed over to Greenwich Village. Our explorations in Greenwich landed us in the area where all of the NYU students seem to be located. It almost seemed like we were in a college town with the abundance of NYU attire and students on the street trying to get us to sign petitions for Greenpeace. We landed at Patsy’s Pizzeria for dinner and enjoyed some unforgettable slices of New York Pizza. Eating freshly baked sausage, roasted bell pepper and garlic pizza on a thin crust after touring the city is a wonderful way to rest your feet–trust me. The sausage was cut up into very tiny pieces that almost blended in with the bits of garlic. It was perfectly cooked, and the roasted peppers added just enough flavor to balance out the meat. Yum!

Sausage, Roasted Bell Pepper and Garlic Pizza

After devouring an entire pizza between the three of us, we headed to Union Square to check out the scene–shopping stores galore and plenty of street vendors to walk by. We were lucky enough to catch the finished result of a piece of sidewalk art that the artist had been working on since noon that day (it was about 7pm when we got there). The picture below is the artwork. It looks like he used chalk, right? Wrong. He actually used colored sand to create the entire design. If that’s not skill, I don’t know what is!

And to conclude the day, we went to Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village for a comedy show! You literally walk down into a dimly lit basement to a small stage where tables lined the room. It was so much fun, plus we had some of the best buffalo wings I have ever tasted, and I truly, madly, deeply love buffalo wings. In order to attend the show, we had to reserve tickets in advance without knowing the show line up, and we were pleasantly surprised with the comedians! The most famous comedian that performed was Aziz Ansari! (Anyone seen I Love You, Man? Scrubs? Observe and Report? Funny People? Get Him to the Greek? Parks and Rec?–Well, he’s in those!)

My new bud, Aziz :)

After the show, we stopped by Times Square. As a graphic designer, I felt like a kid in a candy store! Advertisements, colors, and motion graphics to the max! My jaw dropped instantly. It was about midnight when we got there but the street was so busy and the lights were so bright it might as well have been 12 in the afternoon! We roamed around, snapped some great pictures, and simply just took in the sight. Needless to say, it was a fun filled day in Manhattan…

This is part 2 out of 6 about my recent visit to the East Coast. Normal posts will resume after this series!

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