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While visiting Boston, we just knew we had to make a trip out to the Sam Adams Brewery! We were running late but luckily, we were able to make it to the last tour of the day at 3pm! This brewery did not disappoint, and it was so much fun learning about the history of the beer and establishment. Also, since this was my first brewery tour, I may be a little bias in saying it was the best I’ve ever been to!!! Jokes aside–the crowd was lively, the tour guide was witty, I learned many things I never knew about beer, and we got extra beer for waiting at the very end! All-in-all, I’d have to say it was a glorious day in Boston.

While waiting for the tour to begin, the entrance is filled with the history of the beer, the awards they’ve won, a very nice gift shop, and a place where you can send as many postcards (free of charge) to whoever you want! And when the tour starts, you get to walk through this tunnel that takes you into the back of the brewery–enchanting really. The brewery is actually contained in one giant room which is a lot smaller than I had imagined. Apparently, they have two other breweries in the U.S. that are a lot bigger. The one in Boston is, of course, the original brewery but smaller and the only place that they test recipes and create specialty beers. For example, this location is where they create and age their famous Utopias, where each batch is aged up to 10 years in oak barrels (like the ones pictured below). Utopias is only sold every other year, and is about 27%ABV. Although it is considered beer, it more closely resembles a port or cognac. We didn’t get to sample that on the tour…

This is what you see right after you go through the tunnel into the back of the brewery!

One of the beer vats that stores beer!

Hops and malted barley that we got to sample

We also got to go to another section of the brewery, smell the hops that they use, and try some of the malted barley they put in the beer for flavor. I got to try a coffee malt too which was really tasty! With the hops, I learned that in order to smell the flavor, you have to rub the leaves in your hands quite vigorously and then take a deep whiff of your palms. What a fun way to get flavor out of something! So for the rest of the day, my hands smelled like fresh beer!

Tap Selection in the Tasting Room

Sam Adam's Tasting Room Bar

A taste of Boston Brick Red. Only Served in Boston! The picture also shows what our taster glass looks like!

Then we got to enter the tasting room where we got an awesome little taster glass. We got to sample almost all the beers they had on tap there, and it was especially exciting to sample their Boston Brick Red beer! Apparently, it is only served in the Boston area, and with each pint bought, they donate a potion to The Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Fund! Yum and guilt-free!! We also got to learn about the history of the Sam Adams logo (for all you graphics enthusiasts out there, apparently they manipulated the face of Samuel Adams to make him seem younger and more handsome because they felt that they wouldn’t be able to sell beer if they put what he actually looked like on the bottle! Poor Sam!). Then, our tour guide introduced to us the official Sam Adams lager glass. This glass was specially designed to extract the full flavor of the beer down to the last sip! It took about 2 years to design, and although I am far from a beer connoisseur, I think it does make the beer taste better! Click here for more information on the glass. Needless to say, it was not hard for me to purchase two glasses after learning about it.

After the tasting, we wandered around the gift shop, and then headed towards Doyle’s Cafe, a restaurant and bar that the brewery has teamed up with to accomodate Sam Adams patrons. If you show them your tour ticket and order any Sam Adams pint for about $4.50 a glass, they will serve it to you in the specially crafted Samuel Adams glass I mentioned earlier, and then you get to keep the glass! As we were walking there (because it is not around the corner from the brewery like they said!) we kept running into people from our same tour that were also heading to Doyle’s! So we made some new friends on our walk, drank some more great beer, ate some wonderful food, and toasted to a great day at the Samuel Adams Brewery.

This is part 5 out of 6 about my recent visit to the East Coast. Normal posts will resume after this series!

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  1. These East Coast entries are awesome!!! Great way to archive the memories as well as spread the food culture of where it all began in America!

  2. Seriously though – how much free beer did you drink? Bostonians LOVE their beer. They’ll tip a car over for it.

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