May 042011

Today is May 4th (“may the 4th be with you”) but more importantly, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Hooray, I love holidays! They are always so festive and fun, plus it gives me a reason to celebrate with great company and food! In honor of the holiday, I’ve been thinking about some dishes to make tomorrow, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of the delicious carne asada tacos that I treat myself to every once in a while.

Over the summer, my friend introduced a couple of us to a tucked away taco truck in a bordering city near us. We ventured out one weekend to play a round of golf and afterwards went to find the taco truck. After my first visit, I was hooked, and shortly after, our weekends of playing golf became more frequent. I’m not sure if we were just enjoying the sport more or if our true reason for heading in that direction was the fact that we knew we were going to reward ourselves with delicious tacos (pictured above) after the 9th hole. This taco truck is located in a tiny parking lot just off the highway and serves the most authentic and savory tacos that I’ve tried in the area! And although they aren’t that big, they are only a dollar each! You can choose from assorted meats like carne asada, chicken, carnitas, lengua (tongue), and cabeza (yes, head). They then pile on some homemade salsa, chopped onion, and cilantro. They also add pickled jalapenos and carrots, grilled onion, radishes and a slice of lime on the side. The picture above shows that they gave me a slice of lemon this particular time–I thought it was odd and assumed they ran out of lime, but it still tasted great on my tacos so I’m not complaining!

I am determined to continue the tradition of playing some golf and then grabbing tacos afterward with my friends this summer. It always makes me smile to have the pleasure of being a part of a new tradition that is so simple yet special. And with Cinco de Mayo just a day away, I can’t help but crave these tacos every second!

I think that tomorrow I am going to attempt to make my own carne asada tacos for dinner. I’ll also test out some homemade pico de gallo and guacamole–yum! Hopefully they will taste good! I will post the recipe if they do :) How are you celebrating the holiday? Any tips or ideas to make this event even more fun? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Looks delish! Good job :)

    • thank you!! I’m excited to attempt to re-create these tacos so I don’t have to drive to this amazing taco truck as often :) Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

  2. That sounds so D-lish. I cant wait to chow down on some Carne Asadddddda (you got to roll the d’s [it can be hard to do]) :)

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