Jun 292011
Red, White, and Blue Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

The 4th of July is almost always comprised of social gatherings including BBQs and potlucks! When I was younger, I use to live in a cul de sac where the neighborhood was really child-friendly. Every 4th of July, we would block off the entire neighborhood and hold a huge potluck BBQ that would end in lighting off an obscene amount of fireworks into the darkness. Did anyone else ever use sparklers to write their names in the sidewalk as a kid? It’s so entertaining! Now that I am old enough to have the responsibility of contributing to the potlucks I attend (instead of taking credit for what my parents bring) I am always searching for fun dishes to share with my friends and family! So, what can you make that feeds a large amount of people, doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet, and is bursting with color? Chocolate covered [Continue Reading…]

Jun 262011
Caprese Panini

I recently wrote a guest post for my friend Shellina over at The Frugal Flambe. Here is a little snippet of it! To read the entire post, click here .[Update: see the entire of the post below] When the sunny weather starts peaking through those clouds, fresh food comes to the mind. Something light and simple with ingredients that leave your palate feeling refreshed. One of my favorite (and extremely easy) meals to make on a summer’s day is a caprese panini. The combination of juicy tomatos, creamy mozzarella, and crisp basil pressed together between grilled bread is such a delight. This dish is so simple, yet a wonderful variation to the classic insalata caprese. For those of you who haven’t had it before, a classic caprese salad is served as an antipasto, and it consists of thick slices of mozzarella laid on top of slices of tomato and topped off [Continue Reading…]

Jun 232011
Crab and Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers

I have been craving jalapeno poppers ever since last Saturday when some friends brought a batch to our tailgating event for the Oakland A’s vs. San Francisco Giants baseball game in Oakland. That day, we had a wonderful time filled with the most delicious grilled food ever, and we were even lucky enough to have the beautiful weather last the entire day! Plus, intergroup Bay Area team rivalry, a game of whiffle ball, and half melted ice cream cones called for an irrefutably glorious time. So, with the taste of those dynamic poppers still lingering in my thoughts, I had to make some more before my mind went crazy thinking about them all day long. Spicy and crunchy with a warm cream cheese filling…yum. Although the ones we had at the tailgating event were stuffed with A’s themed cream cheese (made with yellow food coloring), wrapped in bacon, and then grilled (really, who could ask for [Continue Reading…]

Jun 202011
A Summer Strawberry and Feta Salad

It’s hot. I don’t know if it’s hot where you are right now, but this week is starting off way too warm for my liking (it was 80 degrees before 9am today!). Helllloooo, Summer! I am very grateful that I spend most of the day in an office that has air conditioning, but when I get home, it’s terrible. Single pane windows, no central air conditioning, and around 6pm the sun shoots straight into our living room through the sliding glass door and heats up the apartment even more. My roommates and I chose location over the luxury of apartment amenities, so it’s kind of our own fault we live in an apartment that is so bad at keeping the heat out. But no regrets! Hopefully, it will cool down later this week. So when your living room is about 95 degrees, what on Earth do you eat or cook?! [Continue Reading…]

Jun 162011
Mini Chocolate Lava Cakes

My friend, L, is one of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of being around. She left today to move back down to Southern California, and I cannot believe how much I will miss her! Upon starting this blog, I had some friends that would only read my posts if I asked them to, but I also had some that encouraged me constantly to keep the blog going. She was one of the latter. Once L caught wind of this little side hobby of mine, she persisted on us sharing food experiences together and would send me links to places she thought I’d be interested in. She’s seriously the best!! Between her finishing up school and me working full-time, we were so busy that it was hard to find a time to actually cook/bake a single meal together (pathetic, right?!). But it didn’t stop us from trying. [Continue Reading…]

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