Aug 242011
In Transition...

So now that my blog has successfully moved over from to a new host, I’m still moving. Physically, that is. To a new city! Frankly, it’s exhausting, especially because I hate packing and moving. I wish I could be cooking away right now but instead, I’m trying to convince myself which pots and pans I should keep and which I should donate. I am very excited to be moving though and can’t wait to begin this next chapter in life (more on that in the next post). It’s all very bittersweet. So for the time being, you may not hear from me for about a week (give or take a couple days) so I can get through my move smoothly! Can’t wait to tell you all about it, so stay tuned, you lovely readers :) In the meantime, these quotes express how I’m feeling right now–curious about the world [Continue Reading…]

Aug 212011
Thai Iced Tea and the Giveaway Winners!

About a month ago (wow, time flies!), I wrote a guest post for my friend, Shellina, over at The Frugal Flambe. Now, that same pitcher of Thai tea I made for the post is definitely gone, and I’ve been craving it for, oh, about a month. Not to mention that within this time frame Shellina and her family have gained a new addition to their family! Their new little bundle of joy, Abigail, is so beautiful! Congratulations, Shellina! Also, congratulations to the three winners of the coffee cup giveaway: Sunni, Sarah Michelle, and Jhenifer! Please email me at for more information on how to receive your prize! Thanks to everyone that entered! BUT WAIT, as a consolation prize (because I truly wish I could give everyone one of these awesome mugs), here is a 10% off coupon code for any order at Dawn’s Etsy Shop! So if you want one (or [Continue Reading…]

Aug 182011
M&M, Chocolate Chip, Walnut Cookies

After reading Jessica’s cookie post from her blog How Sweet It Is, I could not get cookies out of my mind! So first, I used her recipe to make Heath Bar and walnut cookies: They were so good, but I was still dreaming of her cute, colorful cookies. So then I made another batch just like hers–with M&Ms: Then, I decided to throw in the kitchen sink and made M&M, chocolate chips, AND walnut cookies: I threw in walnuts at the end to convince myself that they were “healthy”, therefore making it ok to eat more of them. Um, I think I ate about 5 times as many cookies I should have eaten. Whoops! Yes, I went a little cookie crazy, but I am not sorry at all! At all. My roommates even ate the batch that overcooked because I forgot about them in the oven. Even though I told them not [Continue Reading…]

Aug 112011
Giveaway: Life Tastes Like Food Mustache Mugs!

Drumroll, please… So Life Tastes Like Food has recently taken the big step and moved from to being self-hosted. I can do so much more with the site now! The greatest downfall is this: anyone that is currently subscribed to my blog will not receive anymore updates UNLESS THEY SUBSCRIBE AGAIN on the new site (so make sure you re-subscribe!). To thank you for being fans of Life Tastes Like Food and any trouble this move may have caused, I’m holding a giveaway!! I’m picking not one, not two, but THREE lucky winners. Wheee! Life Tastes Like Food mustache mugs! How could this NOT brighten up your morning?! They’re so whimsical and cute, I just can’t get enough of them. Thank you Dawn for customizing them for me. See her entire Etsy shop here. Meet my best friend, Megan. We drink tea and coffee like this all the time! Well, [Continue Reading…]

Aug 102011
Greek Salad with Lemon Garlic Dressing

So, I know I’ve already done a post on a traditional Greek salad, but I thought I’d do another version of it. My original post consisted of the same recipe used when I visited the Greek Islands and Athens about 6 years ago. Recently though, I have encountered numerous restaurants that serve their Greek salads differently. Maybe it’s served this way in other parts of Greece, or maybe it’s just Greek “inspired” but either way, I have not been able to stop eating this salad! It started when I ate a version of it at a local pizza joint. The light, lemony dressing caught my attention, and when it was mixed in with the butter leaf lettuce, kalamata olives and tomato wedges, I really enjoyed the combination. Then, fast forward to a couple of weeks later at another local restaurant named Crepeville: I was there for lunch when my collegue ordered [Continue Reading…]

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