Sep 192011

So, being between apartments is actually perfect right now because I’m on vacation. Hawaii, that is ;) Ya know…just soaking up the sun and beautiful beach weather! Life is not too shabby right now… For everyone that is working hard, catching up on their studies, running errands, and taking care of business today, I don’t want to rub this wonderful vacation too much in your faces. I commend you all, and I truly believe that everyone should take a nice break every once in a while! For those that can’t be on vacation right now, I offer you this sangria recipe. It’s like a vacation in itself because it tastes delicious, is extremely easy to make, and it makes you feel like you are far, far away from your daily worries and tasks. You know you want some… I found the recipe and experimented with it a little bit. I added [Continue Reading…]

Sep 152011
Adventures In Between

More musings while I keep on keeping on with this apartment hunt! Things I’ve learned in the past couple of weeks while in limbo: 1. When you stay with friends, they are amazingly hospitable and make you delicious dinners!! (Beer mac and cheese or ribs, anyone?!) Yep, I am one lucky girl. 2. When you wander neighborhoods to check out the area for potential apartments, you often black out and find yourself in a store buying stuff you don’t really need, like a new book. Or three. Every time. Somehow, I’ve ended up with about 10 new books in the last couple of weeks! How did that happen?!?! I’m currently reading this book, and it’s. so. funny. 3. Inflatable inner tubes make great camping chairs when you forget to bring real chairs. Oh, and camping comes in handy when you’re between apartments :) Just look at how comfy we are…whee!! [Continue Reading…]

Sep 112011
Kitchen-less Thoughts

I have no kitchen right now to whip up tasty treats or savory meals, so I have decided to share with you my thoughts! Bear with me, all, it’s been a crazy three weeks! I’ve been apartment hunting, and man, does it take a lot out of you. But fear not, once I find the perfect apartment and wonderful kitchen, I will be back in full swing! After all, what’s life without a little change and adventure, right?! But for now, all I have to offer is the insight I’ve learned and discovered within the past three weeks :) Here it goes… Boston, MA. Madison, WI. Japan. Brooklyn, NY. Santa Barbara, CA. Germany. Eugene, OR. Sonoma County. India. Los Angeles, CA. South Africa. Davis, CA. Korea. Canada. San Diego, CA. Vietnam. Hawaii. New Zealand. San Francisco, CA. These are only some of the places where my friends and family currently call [Continue Reading…]

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