Oct 062011

I’ve been back for about a two weeks now and am already missing the sunny weather and tropical atmosphere. However, it is nice to be back in California! Did you know that some of the highway speed limits in Maui are like 20 miles per hour? 20!!! It took my family and I a while to get use to driving on a highway going that speed (on the windy, one-lane highways this made sense, but not on a highway that has 2 lanes and looks like people should be going at about 60 mph!) But oh, Maui is so beautiful…

We even got to go to a luau! It was such a fun experience. You get to see them unbury the imu baked kaluha pig. Along with the pig, the luau provided a buffet feast to all its guests including shoyu chicken, Hawaiian baked sweet potatoes, sauteed fish, poi, lomi lomi salad, potato salad, grilled teriyaki steaks, cucumber salad, desserts and many other things. We also got bottomless drinks! Then while we ate, we got to see hula dancers perform on stage. Oh, and the best part? Having the ocean and gorgeous sunset as the backdrop of the entire luau.

The food was good and it was nice to be able to try so many Hawaiian dishes, and the dancers were very talented but overall, at $100 a person, I’m not sure if I’d go again. But we got discounted tickets (wayy less than $100 each) so it was well worth it for us! Woo!!

The last set of pictures were all taken at the luau (except for the shaved ice, which we got the next day!). As you can see, it was a fun experience and the scenery was breathtaking!

We also drove Hana Highway and saw some amazing waterfalls, visited the town of Lahaina, went paddle boarding for the first time (I think I’m in love with it!), had plenty of beach time, and ate…A LOT. It was nice to be able to spend some time with the parents and relax!

Oh, and I finally moved!! Yaaayy! I have a kitchen again! I’ll be playing catch up on this blog with a few more outings I’ve been on in the past few weeks but then more recipes will come your way very soon. Oh, and another giveaway in about a week and a half! Get ready!!

What’s your favorite Fall recipe?!?! :)

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  4 Responses to “A Taste of Hawaii”

  1. I am glad to hear you have a kitchen back – Congrats! I loved Maui when I went there in 2000/2001 – absolutely a beautiful place – my favorite thing was the Road to Hana. My favorite fall recipe is Chili – love a good bowl of comfort food on a cold day. Have a Great Weekend:)

  2. That’s great you had a trip to Maui. We all went to Oahu and really enjoyed it; but from the east coast, our flight time was a lot more than yours.
    My favorite fall recipe is Cranberry Scones. Enjoy your new kitchen.

    • I bet your flight was way longer, and I thought ours was long!! haha I also heard Oahu’s a lot different than Maui…maybe I’ll have to visit at some point :) And scones are so good, i like to make them on the weekends. Good choice!! :)

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