Oct 132011

Woo, what an adventurous, crazy, frantic, happy, busy, and fun last month and a half it has been since I picked up and moved out of Davis. From apartment hunting, to spontaneous trips and daily adjustments, to a week-long vacation basking in the warm sun, it has been non-stop!

I have also gone to some events that I have not had time/been too lazy to share with you, but here they are (better late than never)!

Eat Real Festival – Oakland, CA

This food festival and street fair was created to promote all of the stages of where food comes from, who makes it, and how it gets to our table for us to eat. From endless rows of food trucks, to live demonstrations, to a youth cook-off (the cutest thing ever), this festival was a huge hit! My friend and I got to spend a couple hours there on the Saturday it was held. We wandered around, grabbed a beer that came in an awesome souvenier mason jar, ordered some grub, and watched the cooking contest for a little bit. Apparently, the kids in the contest were trained prior to the contest for a week by a chef to prep for this cook off! They were given a secret ingredient: basil. How cool is that?!

[The food item towards the top part of the pictures is a falafel sandwich with lemon and thyme marinated beets, rosemary peanuts, pickled red onion, and red cabbage with black sesame. We also ordered a mediterranean veggie tempura that was gluten free and vegan! The veggies included: sweet potatoes, chickpeas, onion, carrots, and a couple other things. Yum! Oh, and the bottom picture is of the kids’ cook-off!]

Biketoberfest – Marin, CA

My group of friends and I all have a special place in our hearts for beer festivals. Great food, great beer tastings, fun themes, free swag–what’s not to love?! This one was no different. With an assortment of cool bikes (um, a bike with an entirely wooden frame?!), cool gear, great food vendors, a sunny day, and great company, we had a blast. And plus, we’re all from Davis (biggest biking community ever) so we were right in our element.

I mean, just look at this multi-person bike that was riding around! They looked like they were having too much fun…

Oh, and the paella, ohhh the paella…was delish. A friend and I decided to get both kinds and split it. Needless to say, we inhaled it.

Plus, the day’s not complete without practicing your Zoolander face and busting out some modeling poses! I think they’ve got it down. What do you guys think??

We also got a bunch of free swag including a souvenir tasting glass, posters from 21st Amendment brewery, bottle cap magnets, a shirt, and even some tin signs!

All in all, it was a great day.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass – San Francisco, CA

Was anyone else able to make it out to this?! If so, I think you can also vouch for how incredible it was. A sea of people filled Golden Gate Park for this event. And do you want to know how lucky my friends and I were? Yes, we got back stage passes thanks to our other friend! We felt like VIPs. Seriously. For the people who had back stage wrist bands, all we had to do was flash those pretty purple things and we’d get let into a private path to separate us from all the commonfolk and lead us straight to the front/back of the stage. We even saw EmmyLou Harris drive up in her van to the stage! Be jealous :)

Pics below: Our wristbands (I made them take that ridiculous picture) and one of the nice gated paths that led us up to the stage and around to the back!

Fleet Week – San Francisco, CA

And last but not least, Fleet Week in San Francisco. My first full weekend living in the city!! It was everything I dreamed it would be. Crowds of people on rooftops, white speckles of sailboats swarming the bay, tons of people everywhere, jam packed muni buses, and of course, The Blue Angels. The sun was shining, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! I was only able to snap one picture on my phone–and not a very good one at that–but if you look closely, you can see all the sail boats that were out in the bay that day AND a Blue Angel (squint!).

So many outings, so much fun, so little time! Gotta love it…

And tomorrow, I’ll have a normal food/recipe post for you!! Stay tuned!

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  7 Responses to “Recap and New Beginnings”

  1. Fun events you’ve been to Stephanie! Congratulations! Hope you didn’t get too much beer, but then again, how is that a bad thing? Lol.

    I feel like that the Eat Real Festival is awesome! I can see lotsa food, so that’s definitely a great thing. Is that like an annual event? If it is, I’d like to catch it sometime, especially that whole thing about the youth cook-off. Sounds cute! :)

    • Yes, it’s an annual event held in Oakland and Los Angeles! And the cook off was soo cute. They were all cooking away and doing very well!! Let me know if you ever check it out! Thanks for reading!! :)

      • Really? That sounds awesome! If I get the chance to be in LA at this time of the year, I’ll check this out for sure! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. These events look like a blast – Thanks for sharing. Have an Awesome Day:)

  3. I want to drink all beer in mason jars now.

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