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Last weekend I attended the 3rd Annual Foodbuzz Blogger Festival. This was the third year of the festival but my first time attending since I have only been blogging for under a year. How do I explain this…THE FESTIVAL WAS AMAZING!! LIKE CHRISTMAS.

I think a fellow blogger put it in a great way: “It’s like comic-con, but for food bloggers.” Yes. Yes, indeed it is. 

At registration, we were given a huge goodie bag from the get go. Two pounds of Godiva coffee (hazelnut and chocolate truffle flavors), chocolate samples, a tumbler, a DIY Cocktails Recipe Book, a reusable Foodbuzz Festival bag, and lots of other fun SWAG.

Then we were shuffled over to the welcome reception where we checked our coats (how fancy, right?) and people were walking around serving us wine, beer, and delightful hourderves made by Sabra. Shortly after that, we went upstairs for the main dinner and blogger awards ceremony. The theme for the meal that evening was “comfort foods”. It. was. ridiculously. delicious.

Now, onto the fun celebrity  (food blogger) sightings!

This may not mean anything to some, but to me, seeing and meeting some bloggers I religiously follow was incredibly fun for me. Not only was it a pleasure getting to know new bloggers or meeting some virtual friends in person but to have more established bloggers sit among us was the cherry on top of the evening!

I shamelessly took pics with a couple of them–some I talked to, some (like Jessica from How Sweet It Is) I just snuck up behind and yelled,”Oh my god, I LOVE your blog so much. I read it ALL the time, and I think it’s just FANTASTIC. Can I take a picture with you?! YES?! AMAZINGGGG! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Seriously. Love your blog. I read it all the time. Love your blog…Thanks, thanks!!!” And then I skipped away with a pic of me a the celeb and a huge smile. Original, I know. Like I said, shameless.

Don’t worry, I think I played it cool. Err, sort of.

Here are some of the pictures–too bad they’re so zoomed in! Uh, the camera adds 10 lbs?! Just don’t pay attention to the double chins on my end (I usually like to squish my face to make the most awkward pictures anyway, it’s my specialty. Not.)–doesn’t even matter–I got a pic with Jessica! :) [Celeb swoon.]

Jessica from How Sweet It Is

Jenna from Eat. Live. Run. – She’s a friend of a friend and lives in my hometown! So glad I finally got to introduce myself.


The next day started with a panel of wonderful bloggers: Kath from Kath Eats Real Food, Sarah from Peas and Thank You, Joy from Joy the Baker, Tracy from Shutterbean, and Jessica from How Sweet It Is

I also snapped a pic with Joy and Tracy—AH-MAZ-ING. I chatted it up with Tracy for a little bit and when I asked for a pic with her and Joy, she immediately tapped Joy on the shoulder and turned her around for the pic. Joy was in mid conversation at the time, so I honestly didn’t really get to meet or talk to her. She probably also though I was a little crazy and rude. But I didn’t mean to be! Joy–if you ever read this: 1) well, you reading my blog would just be amazing in itself, 2) HI, I’m Stephanie!!! 3) Sorry for interrupting you, and 4) I’m not crazy! Swear!

 Tracy from Shutterbean on the left, Joy from Joy the Baker on the right!

The pic was worth it. They are so incredible, and I can’t believe I was surrounded by two such talented bloggers/writers/photographers right there–GAH! These ladies work so hard and have such energetic and bubbly personalities that make me just want to sit and chat with them for hours. Oh, and they also do awesome podcasts together.

The conference then split up and we all went to group workshops. I attended the workshop about taking pictures with your phone or a point and shoot and then another workshop about social media. Both were really informative and fun.

More celeb sightings: Tyler Florence from the Food Network!

He was at the tasting pavillion on Saturday and they only let a certain number of people wait in line to talk to him, get a pic and get an autograph. Sadly, I was not one of them.

But the tasting pavillion was amazing too. There was so much great food that we went home and had to lay down and groan for a little bit. But it was so worth it.

There was also a dinner and a brunch that concluded the weekend. Overall, the event was one of the most wonderful things I have attended in a while. It’s so much fun to be around food bloggers that share the same passion and to have everyone whip out their cameras and start snapping pictures for the same reason all weekend long was such an exciting experience to be a part of. And on top of meeting virtual friends in person, I made so many new friends and now have soo many new blogs to add to my Google Reader! What a wonderful weekend!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! :)

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  10 Responses to “Foodbuzz Blogger Festival Recap”

  1. Steph! Great pics and wonderful recap! It was so much fun hanging out with you. I can’t wait to do it again next year!

  2. you looked so cute. and not crazy at all!

  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience! I think it is funny that as bloggers we have crushes on other bloggers – ha! Looks like a great event to eat and meet & greet.

  4. Ooh that looks fabulous! I went to a blogger conference in July and sadly it was not at all like I expected. I heard wonderful things about FoodBuzz and hope to attend one of the BlogHer events when I’m back in the US, too.

    The food (naturally) looks fab. And tell us more about the swag :)

    • Ohh, a BlogHer event would be really neat to go to! And the swag…was amazing! Whole bottles of delicious BBQ sauce, cookbooks, chocolate samples, salsa samples, coffee samples, a handheld whisk/mixer thing, tea, cheese, and so much more. That’s just what I can think of off the top of my head. If you can make it to next year’s, I highly recommend it! :)

  5. Steph, this is amazing! I’m so happy to hear you had a good time :)

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