Nov 252011
Hey, friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving!! Earlier this week, I wrote a guest post over at Wandering Spice. Yasmeen from Wandering Spice will also be doing a guest post for Life Tastes Like Food’s Holiday Project this month too! I wrote the guest post for Yasmeen because she was going on holiday…and guess what?! She came back ENGAGED!!!! How amazing is that?! Congrats, Yasmeen! I’m so happy for you.

Head over to her blog to check out my guest post, along with her great recipes! Below is the first part of my guest post:



I wanted to share with you a fresh and healthy pasta dish that is so fun to eat and make! Zucchini is so much prettier in ribbon form. With the green and yellow ribbons, bright red grape tomatoes, and rich chunks of crunchy bacon–this plate will make your eyes very happy. And of course, your stomach.

I made this dish the other day, and I seriously felt a pop in my step and an annoying need to smile a lot. Maybe it was the fresh basil, the whole wheat fettuccini or the juicy tomatoes. Realistically, it was probably cooking 8 pieces of bacon and then eating 4 pieces before realizing I needed to save some for the pasta. Yep, bacon is a wonderful thing.

This meal was inspired by a recipe I made years ago. And I was craving it so much that I decided to search for it again. Unfortunately, I never found it so I tried to recreate it instead. To my excitement, this one turned out better. And healthier!
To read the rest of the guest post and/or for the recipe, click here!
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  8 Responses to “Zucchini Ribbon Pasta with Tomatoes and Bacon”

  1. This pasta looks and sounds magnificent!

  2. I’m marking this down for “Thursday dinner” :)

  3. You’re lovely, Steph. Thanks for all the congratulations! I adored having you on my site and can’t wait to say hi to your readers, here.

    Apologies for my shockingly late response – I swear I’m just surfacing from the cross-continental engagement madness of people calling at (literally) all hours of the day/night for the past few weeks. I’ll be making your pasta this week when my sister arrives from Holland. I know she’ll love it xx

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  6. Loved the recipe and photo, I shared it on my blog here :


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