Dec 202011

Today’s Blogger Guest Post for The Holiday Project:
Liz from It’s Unbeweavable 

[I’ve followed Liz’s blog for a while now. It’s so inspiring, fun, and encouraging to read. She’s real. She’s honest. It’s amazing! So happy to have her on Life Tastes Like Food today!]

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Hi there! I’m Liz, and I am honored to be a part of this project.  I’ve blogged over at It’s Unbeweavable for the past three years, and am transitioning my blog from fashion to fitness based, because I’m a firm believer that as you grow and change, so should your blog. By the time you read this, I will (fingers crossed) be a certified personal trainer. Woo!

Why fitness?  Last year, I lost 100 pounds.  It still feels odd saying that.  I’ll spare you the back story, but as anyone who has lost any amount of weight knows, maintenance is actually harder than losing the weight in the first place.  You drop your guard a bit, you have reached your goal…now what?  It becomes easier to fall back into old patterns and habits, and it’s all too normal to fear food.

It hasn’t been easy, but the best way I’ve found to work around the maintenance trap is to focus on health instead of the size of my jeans.  How boring right?  I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass and say I don’t care about gaining weight, because I certainly do…I worked my ass off, literally, and I like it.  Boom.  I almost feel like we aren’t allowed to say that-but I am. Be proud of how far you’ve come-1 pound or 200.

However, I don’t want my life to be consumed with staying skinny.  That just seems like such a wasteful goal-I need something deeper…hence the whole health thing!  I’ve become obsessed with trying new things in the kitchen, and luckily my boyfriend is willing to test out all my concoctions.  I am constantly googling new recipes, hunting down interesting ingredients, and paying close attention to how I feel after I eat something.

A few of my favorites as of late?  Unrefined coconut oil (also great for skin!), juicing (kale and ginger are two of my faves), almond flour (incredible for baking) and psyllium husk (umm…gets things movin!)

The journey of weight loss doesn’t end when the scale hits a certain number.  It’s a constant evolution-one that humbles me every single day. The most important thing I’ve learned, and this is embarrassingly new to me, is that food is not the enemy.

What is your favorite healthy yet oh my gosh delicious food?

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  1. I recently received a Vita Mix blender and LOVE smoothies to start my morning! I have been on a weight loss journey for almost 3 years and had a minor setback due to health issues, but my goal is to lose another 30 pounds throughout 2012. So far I have been maintaining my weight, which is a plus. Look forward to following you and thanks for sharing your journey!

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