Jan 292012
Sushi, a 6-Hour Road Trip, and My Best Friend's Birthday!

In first grade, she hated me and I didn’t even realize it. I’d walk by, smile, wave at her, and she’d never really wave back! I didn’t think much of it–you know how first graders are. But then, something happened in 5th grade and a best friendship was started. Perhaps it was when she invited me over to her house after school and we discovered our obsession love for folding printer paper in half, drawing our own grids, and playing endless games of Battleship all afternoon together (why we never actually bought the real game is beyond me). Or maybe it was our ability to order two Little Caesar’s $5 pizzas (one for each of us) on a Saturday afternoon and finish it all in the same day while watching movies and ya know, just hanging out. Oh, and there was also our shared interest in making up choreographed dances to 90s pop music. [Continue Reading…]

Jan 232012
How to poach an egg and make a deliciously easy breakfast!

It’s Monday–not always the most favorite day of the week. But here’s a REALLY quick and easy sandwich that will start your Mondays off right. I’m always in a rush before work but when I make this and take 5 minutes to inhale it, I am so satisfied and it really makes me a happier person. Trust me, my office appreciates when I come in a happier person. It’s incredibly simple too! Just an english muffin, some avocado, smoked salmon… like so… and a poached egg! “Poached egg?!” you say? Ahh, piece. of. cake. I will teach you. OK, confession: The first time I ever tried poaching an egg was two weeks ago! Gah! I’ve always want to try because 1) eggs benedict is one of my favoriteeee brunch dishes, 2) I love the runny yolk that a poached egg gives, and 3) it’s just pretty looking. But I’ve always been terrified of [Continue Reading…]

Jan 212012
Angel Food Cupcakes with Whipped Cream

Cupcakes and whipped cream and sprinkles, OH MY! Monday is my Mom’s birthday!! She’s turning…errrr….29! (Right, Mom???) Anyway, I made her these cupcakes to celebrate. Funny story: even though she gave birth to me when she was in her late 20s, whenever we go to the store or out somewhere, people always think we’re sisters! Either she looks really young, or I look really…old? No, it can’t be the latter. It’s true, though, my mom does look really young for her age. Go, Mom! Now, these cupcakes are so much fun! Mom doesn’t like desserts that are too sweet (hence the whipped cream instead of buttercream frosting). The angel food cupcakes have just the right amount of sweetness that make it a light and tasty dessert without making you feel like you’ve developed 10 cavities from eating something too sugary. The trick that makes these little treats so fluffy, light, [Continue Reading…]

Jan 172012
Caramelized Onion, Mushroom, and Goat Cheese Pizza

Hi, friendsss! Where did the last 7 days go?! It’s been a busy one but I’ve drinken 1 cup of coffee and 4 cups of tea today (yerba mate, the good stuff) and am feeling back on track! Here is a simple and tasty pizza dish that you can whip up mid-week or on a weekend afternoon! Remember my pizza phase? Well, that miiiight be happening again. It’s a blessing and a curse. But I’m just going to embrace it (while using whole wheat crusts to make me feel healthier, of course). This pizza actually IS healthy! With the whole wheat crust, onions, and mushrooms…you’re good to go! Plus, there’s no sauce, so that makes it a little healthier too! Add a salad on the side and you’ll have yourself a very pleasant dinner or lunch, I promise! Caramelizing onions can take a while, but I assure you, they’re well worth the [Continue Reading…]

Jan 092012
Spicy Chipotle Pesto

It’s the start of a new year. Let’s be bold. Let’s be adventous. Let’s show some spontaneity. Let’s be fierce. Let’s kick it up a notch. Because we just can.  I’m game, are you? We can start by making some of this chipotle pesto–which I can’t stop eating, by the way. If you like a nice and spicy spread, this pesto is for you. Spread it on a baguette, top it off with some cheese, and toast it in the oven. Or mix it in with your pasta. OR spread it on your sandwich/panini…whatever you want really, the sky’s the limit with this delicious sauce. Also, it literally takes about 15 minutes to make. It’s so easy, garlicky, spicy, and delicious! Let’s do it! Chipotle Pesto (adapted from Food.com) 4-5 chipotle chilies (I used the ones in adobe sauce, cut them open and rinsed off the sauce and seeds) 1/3 cup cooking [Continue Reading…]

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