Feb 052012

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Tomorrow, I embark on a new beginning.

Tomorrow, my skills and strengths will be tested at the next level.

Tomorrow, I officially begin my new job with optimism, courage, and strive. But as I welcome it with open arms, my heart is heavy because it also marks the reality that I am not longer at my old job.

Today, though, I embrace this change. Today, I celebrate how lucky I am.

They say you can’t have everything and although I definitely understand this, somehow I find myself wishing–just for a split second–that it was possible. To have everything. Then I wouldn’t have to leave one thing to follow my passion for another. Then I wouldn’t have to accept that change is a constant that can’t be messed with. Hell, then I would just eat bacon all day and swim in a pool of hot chocolate! That would be my everything. Can I just have that?! No?

No. OK–back to reality.

Today is not about doubt or fear or happiness elsewhere, it’s about celebration. I’m celebrating the fact that I even got to experience such a wonderful chapter in my life. I’m celebrating the amazing work-family that I have developed over the last 4 years at my job. They took me under their wing and taught me so much. They believed in me even when I didn’t and they have an everlasting faith in my abilities as a professional and as an individual. To experience that sort of love and support from colleagues, mentors, and superiors exceeds any of my expectations of a work community.

There are no words to say exactly how much I truly appreciate each and everyone one of them.

But there comes a time when ambition drives strength and eagerness to learn more surpasses all fear. I am ready for this challenge and so excited to dip my feet into an environment I’ve had a drive for since I can remember.

Today, I’m celebrating the end of this chapter in my life with a warm heart and sincere gratitude. And I also am celebrating the next chapter that’s about to begin. And the many chapters to come after that…

So as I keep the last 4 years close to my heart, I’m ready to tackle the world.

Wish me luck.

Happy Sunday! :)

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  9 Responses to “Tomorrow is a new beginning.”

  1. you will do awesome!

  2. What a beautiful post…wishing you all the best tomorrow!!

  3. Have a good day and remember to yell PIBALL! (ballooning term)

  4. Good luck, Steph! Have a great first day.

  5. “But there comes a time when ambition drives strength and eagerness to learn more surpasses all fear. ”

    I love this. I love it so much. Because it doesn’t mean you’re not afraid – it just means sometimes, there are things more powerful than fear.

  6. Thank you, Terry and Laila! That means a lot to me :)

  7. Here’s to New Adventures – Good Luck:)

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