Mar 282012
Oh, the places you'll go...for lunch!

I haven’t posted for a little over a week, but for some reason it feels like it’s been 6 months! Now that I’ve started this new job, I’m working a lot (and on the weekends) so it’s been harder to get some free time to cook. However, I’ve decided that I’m just not going to let work…be an issue. I’ll just have to find time to fit in some cooking and work it into my schedule. The only post I had for you guys today is about cauliflower gratin and it’s just not a cauliflower day for me :) So instead, let’s talk about all the fun places I’ve been to for lunch lately! The work office is in the SOMA district of San Francisco so it has all sorts of great food in the area. Sidebar: I’ve been spending all of my commute time playing Draw Something┬árecently! WOW. Is [Continue Reading…]

Mar 162012
(Vegan) Chocolate Stout Bundt Cake with Baileys Icing

Ok, I don’t know if Guinness is 100% vegan (whoops!)…actually, I’m pretty sure it’s not thanks to my good buddy and his internet research skills! Aaand while we’re at it, Baileys Irish Cream doesn’t really make the vegan cut either… BUT BUT BUT…if you want the cake to be vegan, replace the Guinness with warm coffee and instead of the icing, drizzle melted chocolate or simply dust the cake with some powdered sugar. This is adapted from Joy the Baker’s Vegan Chocolate Cake recipe. It’s the perfect recipe because she created the recipe hoping that you would be able to find all (or at least almost all!) of the ingredients already in your pantry. She’s such a genius :) I tweaked it a little in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! I added a little stout, a little Irish cream, and some festive green sprinkles…yum! I also reduced some of the [Continue Reading…]

Mar 122012
Brown Sugar Kitchen's Chicken and Waffles

Please excuse the low-quality iPhone 3 camera pictures but this place was just so good I HAD to share it with you all! (Plus, I just got an new phone so no more low-quality phone pictures after this! Can a get a woot woot?!) Tucked away in an industrial part of West Oakland, there lies a diamond in the ruff. Brown Sugar Kitchen is an amazing place for soul food! I went last weekend with my cousin, and we had such a great time. We arrived around 1:30 for a late lunch and was told that there was about a 45 minute wait. It was a really sunny and beatiful day so we didn’t mind hanging out outside for a bit. Plus, the restaurant closes at 3pm on Sundays so we knew we couldn’t come back later in the day. The. wait. was. totally. WORTH. IT. We were seated at [Continue Reading…]

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