May 272012
Family Time and Hot Pot Love

Earlier in May, I missed my stepdad’s birthday and Mother’s Day. Usually, I go home back to Sonoma County and celebrate with them but due to my hectic schedule at work, it was a little harder this year. Luckily, I was selected to be a part of Foodbuzz’s 24×24 this month! All hail Foodbuzz! So yesterday, we invited the entire family over to my Grandpa’s house and made spring rolls, hot pot, and flan! Now I’d be lying if I said I cooked and hosted the entire thing. You see, I love cooking and baking but in my family, everyone is such a great cook. So as I attempted to plan out the entire event, my mom and aunt were my saviors for this meal by helping me out. Not only did they bring a bunch of cooking supplies for me (so I didn’t have to lug everything from San [Continue Reading…]

May 252012
HRD Coffee Shop

…is not your average coffee shop. HRD Coffee Shop is this wonderful, tiny place in the SOMA district of San Francisco that serves delicious food. The menu consists of items with a Korean-Chinese-American fusion such as kimchee burritos (with bits of kiwi!), firecracker shrimp po boy sandwiches, bibimbaps, and hamburgers. Plus so much more. This is the fried oyster kimchee po boy sandwich… The portions are crazy, the fries are delicious, and I must be rolled home after each meal. HRD was featured on the Food Network a while ago so the line is really insane if you go anytime between 11:30 and 1. However, I’ve found that if I get there around 1:15, there’s barely any line at all! Aw, yeahhh. The owners? THEY ARE THE SWEETEST. As busy as they are, they take time to greet you with a smile and make sure that you are as satisfied as possible [Continue Reading…]

May 182012
When It's Sunny in San Francisco

We get excited!! These pictures are from two weekends ago (Cinco de Mayo weekend) but I just had to share them. The weather was insanely gorgeous and there was just so much going on! With the entire city of San Francisco celebrating Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby, it was hard to choose which events to attend! We opted to just hang out around the Mission District with friends and head to Dolores Park because there was a huge Cinco de Mayo event going on there. Then on Sunday, we decided to walk around the Mission for Sunday Streets! Sunday Streets is a neighborhood festival where they close down the roads in a SF neighborhood every first Sunday of the month for live music, booths, food specials, and other fun stuff. Here’s a glimpse of what happens when it’s sunny in SF: I think everyone else had the same idea [Continue Reading…]

most importantly.

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May 082012
most importantly.

“Most importantly, if you can at all avoid it, don’t be normal. Strive, burn and do everything you can to avoid being the industry standard. Even the highest industry standard. Be greater than anything anyone else has ever dreamed of you. Don’t settle for pats on the back, salary increases, a nod-and-a-smile. Instead, rage against the tepidness of the mundane with every fiber of whatever makes you, you. Change this place. Please, do that for me.” {via i wrote this for you}

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