May 182012

We get excited!! These pictures are from two weekends ago (Cinco de Mayo weekend) but I just had to share them. The weather was insanely gorgeous and there was just so much going on! With the entire city of San Francisco celebrating Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby, it was hard to choose which events to attend! We opted to just hang out around the Mission District with friends and head to Dolores Park because there was a huge Cinco de Mayo event going on there.

Then on Sunday, we decided to walk around the Mission for Sunday Streets! Sunday Streets is a neighborhood festival where they close down the roads in a SF neighborhood every first Sunday of the month for live music, booths, food specials, and other fun stuff.

Here’s a glimpse of what happens when it’s sunny in SF:

I think everyone else had the same idea to go to the park because there were so many people! Including this dog that has a balloon tied to it so its owner can find it easily…

Housemates! (minus 1)

THIS KID. This kid made my day. I want to say he was…10? 12 years old?! 

There’s something about this mug of diner coffee that just has so much loving personality <3

The streets were crazy crowded! In a good way…

I wish every weekend could be sunny and fun like this! Happy Friday!!! :)

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  5 Responses to “When It’s Sunny in San Francisco”

  1. Living in SF must be amazing, so much culture!!! Its interesting to see so thanks for sharing …oh and I like the ballon idea!! hehehe little ole darla :)

  2. Great Post – thanks for sharing! Have a Great Weekend!

  3. Hello! I’ve nominated you for the NEW Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling. Go to the award site for all the details!:

    Thanks for writing!

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