Jun 112012

As much as I truly love living in San Francisco, it’s nice to get out every once in a while! Last weekend, I spent Saturday at the Berkeley Farmers Market helping out at the Sierra Cascade Blueberry Farm stand. It was so much fun! I learned a ton about blueberries, experienced a farmers market from a vendor’s perspective for the first time, roamed around, and ate blueberries all day (of course). I mean, I don’t think I would even consider any of that work. I also brought home a ton of fresh produce! Double win.

The blueberries were amazing. Large and perfectly ripe. When I arrived at the farmers market, I helped Armen (one of the owners of Sierra Cascade/Will‘s mom!) unload the truck and set up the stand. Blueberry heaven I tell ya.

Below is a pic of Armen and me at the end of the day. She and her husband, John, run the farm and are the sweetest people. They work extremely hard and always have smiles on their faces.

During the season, you can usually find Armen every Saturday at the Berkeley Farmers Market and John at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and say hi! Sierra Cascade Farm has stands at a couple of other farmers markets in the Bay Area and Chico as well. You can also find these delicious blueberries at various grocery stores and co-ops.

Although it was Sierra Cascade’s first weekend at the farmers market this season, it’s easy to see the great relationships that Armen has formed over the years with so many people at the market. Throughout the entire day, numerous customers and other vendors approached the stand with huge smiles on their faces asking for Armen so they could chat and catch up with her. And of course, everyone happily walked away with tons of blueberries.

The rest of the stands at the market were wonderful too. So much fresh produce! The weather was lovely and it was just a wonderful day. Here are some more pics from the farmers market!

So what do I do when I get home with all my fresh produce? I make blueberry mojitos of course! Between mojitos and just popping blueberries into my mouth, I’ve already finished the HUGE bag that Armen sent home with me. I guess I’ll be paying John a visit in SF in the near future!

Can’t wait to share the mojito recipe with you all soon :) I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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  12 Responses to “Blueberries and the Berkeley Farmers Market”

  1. Nice post. Best blueberries in the world.

  2. I really need to make the best of this time of year and shop at the local farmers marketsin in the area. Thanks Steph for sharing everything looks soo fresh!

  3. Very excited I was able to bring these wonderful berries into the restaurant I manage in Danville (Bridges)! Looking forward to seeing the Chef’s new creations with Sierra Cascade Blueberries!!

  4. Holy Blueberries Batman – did your hands turn into smurf blue! Loving your photos – torn between the blueberries and the cookies – ha! Have a Great Week:)

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