Jun 222012

Last weekend, I drove up to HOT, HOT, HOT Davis, CA to celebrate with 4 of my friends who were graduating. Two of them received their undergraduate degrees and the other two completed their masters programs! I’m so proud of them. Look out, World, here come the grads!!!

How amazing is this card that our friend Rachel MADE for the occasion? (Our school has a huge water tower that you can spot from the freeway and UC Davis is known for having a bunch of cows.)

Best part? Ohhh, ya know…a taco truck catered the graduation event. WHAT. WHAT. I know, amazing. Fresh tortillas, hot meats, and spicy salsas.

Don’t let the sweet looking green salsa fool you either. That “hot” salsa was insanely spicy! And delicious :)

We also enjoyed some homebrew and lots of fresh fruit to keep us cool (did I mention it was around 102 degrees that day?). Oh, and there were delicious popsicles! Strawberries and cream, pistachio, walnut, and a couple more flavors…ALL delicious.

As you can see, everyone loved them…

Cute, naked babies running around, breathtaking sunsets, catching up with friends, delicious tacos, and some good ol’ all-you-can-eat sushi made the entire weekend complete.

Um…I think we also all agreed that these were some of the best strawberries we’ve ever had!

BABY PHOTO BOMB! Can you spot the cute little guy below? :)

And brace yourself for this next pic. Adorable to the MAX.

I also got to spend some time with my old co-workers from Davis. I can’t even begin to tell you how great it was to see their smiling faces. I hadn’t seen them in over 5 months! 5 months too long, if you ask me. That won’t happen again!

‘Twas a great weekend!! :)

Congrats on graduating Sheeter, Nicole, Marcus, and Jaime!

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  3 Responses to “davis grad party and taco time!”

  1. the food and people look amazing, what a great weekend. are those popsicles homemade?!?!

  2. Loving your post – Great Photos – thanks for sharing! Best Way to Celebrate Graduation is with Family & Friends and Eats and Drinks! Have a Great Weekend:)

  3. Hello. Just checking out your blog. Looks like it was an awesome party. I was in Davis last week as well for a graduation. Can’t believe you guys threw a party outside in the heat.

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