Jul 262012

I want to call our annual trip more of a tubing/floating adventure rather than “camping”. Or maybe it’s a cookout and we just sleep in tents at night and continue the cookout the next day? Yes, that works.

Cache Creek is your ideal car camping spot. You can bring whatever you want, it’s nice and hot, there’s a flowing creek just a few steps away, and the grill and fire pit are always ready to go.

The creek has big enough rapids that require us to wear a life jacket at all times when floating but it’s mellow enough in some areas where we can just relax and enjoy the sun while the water floats us downstream. It’s the perfect balance.

Yes, Sheeter rode that turtle down the entire creek, rapids and all! This year was particularly fun because there were 19 of us that were able to make it out for the weekend. Can you imagine trekking everyone up in trucks/cars to the creek drop off with all of our inflated tubes?! That was a sight.

This year’s trip was even more important because many of my friends are moving, following job/grad school opportunities and making their way into the next chapters of their lives. While we’ll all continue to stay in touch and see each other throughout the year, it won’t be the same since all of us won’t be within driving distance anymore. It’s so sad to think about!

Anyway, our trip was a blast and here are some pics:

Prepping baked beans for the dutch oven.

Bacon, grilled corn, steak, oysters, burgers, hot dogs. 

Tubing, relaxing, sunshine, cold drinks, friends. 

What’s not to love?

[Last photo courtesy of my friend R. Doyle!]


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  4 Responses to “Cache Creek Adventures”

  1. Nothing better than a Summer day with friends and great eats and drinks – thanks for sharing – love the bacon shot:)

  2. whoa, what’s that woven bacon thing?

    • It’s just a weave of bacon strips that we then fried to make a giant bacon lattice! We served it at breakfast :) Nothing fancy BUT I have seen people make two of these and then put a burger patty in between.

  3. […] were many weekend getaways and “camping” trips this year! […]

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