Jul 302012

Today I’m guest blogging over at 52 Kitchen Adventures! I was super excited when Steph asked me to be a part of The Chocolate Chipe Cookie Challenge. I made brown butter chocolate chunk cookies, and they’re pretty tasty if you ask me :) I talk about my favorite method for baking cookies, which results in perfectly baked cookies every time, as well as the key ingredients that will make your chocolate chip cookies stand out from the rest.

The best part about this challenge is that you’re invited to participate as well!

To read my guest post and to get the recipe for these brown butter chocolate chunk cookies, click here.

Happy Monday!

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  9 Responses to “Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies”

  1. At a boat,sailing the past 7 days and this post definitely made me hungry and ready to go home and try it out!

  2. YUM:) Cookies are my kryptonite – ha! Have a Great Week!

  3. Brown butter and chocolate…YUM!

  4. oh wow those are some perfect looking cookies!

  5. Recipe: Stolen.

  6. This looks absolutely amazing. I might be drooling.

  7. You had me at chocolate chunk. Sounds delicious! 

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