Aug 212012

What do San Franciscans love the most? STREET FESTIVALS! (And brunch.) Last weekend was the Street Food Festival in SF where a ton of food trucks and restaurants come and dish out delicious food. It was great because each booth generally had a small item ($3), a larger dish ($8), and and drink ($3) making it pretty easy to try a good amount of food between a small group of people.

The food? Delicious. Weekends like this one make me appreciate San Francisco more than I already do.

Pro Tip: Get there early. The lines get crazy! And bring friends so you can try their food. This festival was also filled with adorable dogs and babies galore. Major bonus.

Happy housemates. Not so happy funnel cake. Oops…

Such an awesome way to spend an afternoon. Stuffing my face. Then Abby (my housemate) and I proceeded to Whole Foods afterwards, bought 4 giant bags of groceries, and went home to cook and eat even more. All night.



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  5 Responses to “The San Francisco Street Food Festival”

  1. I was there tooooo (!!!) that egg wrapped in pork, nummmm… and the Pho rolls, spectacular!!! :)

  2. Luis, we should have met up! And yes, the food was amazing!

  3. Omg I’m on your blog. Best. Day. Ever

  4. Damn! I missed this. I would have liked to have been there.

  5. We really should have… I really thought, “oh I might run into people I know that love food” but I had NO idea it would be such a massive event. Next time, we’ll definitely have to meet up!

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