Sep 202012
Quick Power Breakfast: Overnight Oats

My first mud run was a success! …if you count crossing the finish line as a success haha. But really, it was so much fun! We crawled through mud pits, jumped into the beautiful Sacramento River, and rewarded ourselves with ice cold Sierra Nevada beers afterward (yep, Sierra Nevada was one of the sponsors for the event!). Plus, our outfits were so awesome that the mud just came right off! Here is a pic of us post-run. Shiny, right? Now, I wish I could say that the success of the mud run was due to my diligence in working out and training beforehand. However, this would be a damn lie. I tried! I SWEAR. I did run a lot the week before but I can’t say I did much else. AND I had a terrible cough that still hasn’t gone away. But I am convinced that these overnight oats helped [Continue Reading…]

Sep 122012
Dark Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut Cookies with Sea Salt

Most of you know that my work out regimen has been pretttyyy bad lately but despite that fact, I’m participating in a mud run with a group of friends THIS weekend! I must have blacked out or something when I signed up because  as much fun as hauling myself over barriers and running through mud sounds let’s face it, I’m weak and feeble. My days of being actively involved in track and field and soccer are long gone and getting myself to the gym is more like going to the dentist. I actually love running but after I moved to SF, it’s been really hard to get motivated. All the streets have stoplights so you have to run. stop. run. stop. jog across the intersection. stop. Yeah, yeah…I know…all excuses! Someone slap me. I think I’ll get over this self loathing though and just freaking work out!!! RIGHT? Right. And then I’m [Continue Reading…]

a quick weekend getaway.

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Sep 052012
a quick weekend getaway.

I got to spend all of last weekend at a cabin that sits right on the edge of Lake Pinecrest in Pinecrest, CA (near Yosemite). We went hiking, swimming, kayaking, and somehow even managed to incorporate bacon into every single meal on the trip (um, dream come true?). There was no phone or internet service so it was just us and the lake. If you haven’t disconnected from technology in a while, I suggest you do so immediately. It feels amazing, and it was so wonderful spending time with a group of close friends in such a beautiful place. I’m so lucky! Missing this place and the people already. Hope everyone had a safe and fantastic Labor Day weekend! :) -Steph

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