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Lima Peru

Hey guys! I just spent last weekend attending Outside Lands, a music festival here in SF. It was so much fun! It’s also been over a month since I’ve been back from South America but I still can’t stop thinking about our trip. I was going to write this post and then finish with a recap of Ecuador but I’ve decided to split Ecuador up into two posts (there’s just so much to share!). Sorry it’s taking me so long to get all of these recaps out! Thanks for your patience as I slowly post these recaps–it means a lot to me that I get to share them.

Lima was probably our least favorite city to visit but it could have been because a bunch of our friends told us to spend as little time there as possible or because it was so gloomy/rainy the entire time we were there. We stayed in the Miraflores district, a nicer and very safe district that’s popular with tourists. Although it wasn’t the best city to explore, we had one of the best meals in Peru here! And churros! We ate so many churros…like until we almost threw up.

Miraflores Lima

Restaurants in the Miraflores district

We arrived in Lima around midnight after leaving Huacachina and went straight to our hostel, Piriwana (the sister hostel of the Piriwana hostel we stayed at in Cusco). The bar/dining area at this location has huge windows and we enjoyed our last breakfast in Lima looking out at the streets, drinking coca tea, and slathering our breads with margarine and jam.

Lima Breakfast

We were only in Lima for a day and had decided to spend the night at the airport that night to save some money since our flight to Quito was at 5am  the next morning. Since we had less than 24 hours left in Peru, we set a spending budget for the day, determined to only exchange enough Peruvian Soles to last us the rest of the day before leaving the country. When we finished breakfast, we found a bank and after a bunch of my $20 USD bills got rejected for having slight rips, we strolled to Kennedy Park to check out the bus tours. Megan and I had exchanged enough money for two meals, a bus tour of Downtown Lima, and a cab ride to the airport. After visiting the ticketing office for the bus tours, we actually decided to take a cheaper and shorter tour that consisted of 4 Lima districts instead of going downtown.

After we figured that out, we walked through Kennedy Park (which we thought was going to be very cool but wasn’t even really a park) and checked out all of the feral cats that were just hanging out everywhere in the grass (SO many cats!). Meg and I then headed to the beach and walked up and down the coast a bit. It was foggy but still exceptionally beautiful. Lima sort of sits on a cliff so you have to walk down a bunch of stairs to get down to the water.

Lima Beach Van

The place we picked for lunch wasn’t open for dinner so we knew that we had to start heading in that direction if we wanted to try the food. We went back up the stairs towards the heart of the city and stopped at Parque del Amor, a small park that has a huge statue of 2 people making out and overlooking the ocean :) After that, we walked over to Punto Azul, the highly-recommended lunch spot. The wait was only 20 minutes and after looking over the menu, we decided to forego our dinner plans and put all of the money we had allotted for the day on food towards this one meal. The menu was that appealing!

Punto Azul Ceviche Mixto

We ordered the Punto Azul ceviche mixto which came with mixed seafood, a spicy aji sauce, sweet potatoes, and plantain chips to start. We also split a chicha morada, a traditional purple corn drink which was so amazingly tasty. For our main dishes, I ordered Parihuela (for 26 soles or about $9 USD), a seafood stew served with giant crab legs and TONS of seafood including shrimp, fish, squid, mussels, etc. The flavor sort of reminded me of hot and sour soup but a little more stew-like if that makes any sense.



Megan ordered the baked fish with artichoke hearts and cream sauce (29 soles or about $10 USD). We ate so much during those few hours that we literally felt like we were going to vomit all of the delicious food we just scarfed down but we couldn’t stop eating. The prices were incredible for the quality and quantity of food we received. I highly recommend going to Punto Azul if you’re ever in Lima!

Fish in Artichoke Sauce Punto Azul

After lunch, we staggered back to Kennedy Park to catch our bus tour. Shortly after we boarded the double decker bus, we realized that the bus tour was a huge mistake. We had eaten so much food which caused an intense food coma, the weather wasn’t very cooperative so we were pretty cold on the top floor, and we realized that we should have just saved our 20 soles and walked around instead. We saw multiple “very important schools” and “important hospitals” about every 15 minutes along the route. The bus did take us along the coast for a little bit so that was really great but overall, I think the most exciting part of the tour was when the whole top floor of the bus had to duck because of the numerous low-hanging olive tree branches that would sweep into our bus throughout the tour.

Lima Bus Tour Ocean

Once we finished the tour, we hopped out and ventured to find the churro place we passed earlier in the day. We couldn’t leave Peru without getting a final churro fix! And this place hit the spot. After ordering 3 churros (dulce de leche, chocolate, and vanilla), we realized we needed more. One order of churros con chocolate (6 plain churros with piping hot chocolate fondue) and a cortado later, we were ready to hit the road.

Dulce de Leche Churros Lima Peru

Dulce de Leche Churros

Churros con chocolate

We walked back to our hostel to grab our bags, bargained a cab ride from 60 soles to 40 soles, and then headed to the airport.

Next stop…the center of the world! Quito, Ecuador.

[2 more travel posts and then normal blog posts will resume :) Thanks for reading!]

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