Jan 032012
The 2011 Holiday Project Round Up

I had high hopes for this series, but what came out of it was even more amazing than what I had anticipated! The pictures, the stories, the creativity in the dishes…amazing. Simply amazing.  I can’t thank everyone enough for participating in The Holiday Project. It made my holiday spirit burst at the seams! You guys rock. And to everyone that took time to read the guest posts, thank you for all of your sweet comments! Here’s a final round up of all the readers and bloggers who participated. Can’t wait to do this again next year! Bacon-Wrapped Abalone Poppers (By reader: Tammer from Oakland, California) Caramel-Glazed Apple Cake with Caramel Whipped Cream (By blogger: Rachel from Bakerita) Butternut Squash Soup (By reader: Lily from Brooklyn, New York) Whole Wheat Pomegranate Scones (By blogger: Laura from Family Spice) Piroghy Pie (By reader: Kristin from Elk Gove, California) Grain-Free Gingerbread Men (By blogger: Jenna from The Paleo Project) Beer Brewing, IPA Chicken [Continue Reading…]

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Nov 242011
Happy Thanksgiving!

From me to you. I’m so thankful for all of my family, friends, and the wonderful online community that has been growing since I started this blog. Thanks for putting up with me on the days I go on far too long about things, my weird sense of humor, and my annoying cravings that lead me to post 5 recipes in a row with the same main ingredient. You all inspire me to do what I do. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and that it is filled with spending time with loved ones and of course, an outrageous amount of wonderful food. Cheers! -Steph

Aug 212011
Thai Iced Tea and the Giveaway Winners!

About a month ago (wow, time flies!), I wrote a guest post for my friend, Shellina, over at The Frugal Flambe. Now, that same pitcher of Thai tea I made for the post is definitely gone, and I’ve been craving it for, oh, about a month. Not to mention that within this time frame Shellina and her family have gained a new addition to their family! Their new little bundle of joy, Abigail, is so beautiful! Congratulations, Shellina! Also, congratulations to the three winners of the coffee cup giveaway: Sunni, Sarah Michelle, and Jhenifer! Please email me at lifetasteslikefood@gmail.com for more information on how to receive your prize! Thanks to everyone that entered! BUT WAIT, as a consolation prize (because I truly wish I could give everyone one of these awesome mugs), here is a 10% off coupon code for any order at Dawn’s Etsy Shop! So if you want one (or [Continue Reading…]

Happiness in a Bowl

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Mar 272011
Happiness in a Bowl

Every single one of us is on a continuous search for happiness–what that happiness may be comprised of, though, is different to each individual. I think that for me, I find joy and happiness in pushing myself to experience new places and things especially if it’s with great people (and of course, food!). I have this natural tendency to want to try or be a part of every opportunity I am offered, and honestly, it gets tiring! But the guilt of not participating in something and missing out on that particular experience is something I am starting to allow myself to accept. Lately, instead if trying to do it all, I have been trying to do what’s best. What’s best for me, that is. And I know that sounds a little selfish, but that’s not my intention. Throughout my life, I have taken into consideration every single person’s feelings around [Continue Reading…]

Mar 242011
Food, Fun, and the Bay Area

With the busy schedule I’ve had lately, and the numerous outings and events I’ve attended, the wonderful happenings of last weekend are still some of the best times that are standing out in my mind. Aside from stuffing my face with the Irish cream bundt cake, chocolate stout cake, and dark chocolate cake truffles, my weekend was also filled to the brim with even more delicious food! I know it’s a little late, but I am going to share my latest adventures with you! Last Friday, my friends and I attended a Golden State Warriors Road Viewing Party at The Broken Rack in Emeryville. This pool hall was a great little joint and had plenty of tables to play pool, an assortment of TVs with various sports games playing, and even a little room with a couch that a group could enjoy. It also had amazing bar food! The fried shrimp (top [Continue Reading…]

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