Dec 152011
Strawberry Guava Crisp

Today’s Reader Guest Post for The Holiday Project: Jenna from Santa Barbara, California [Jenna and I go way back. Our shared love of food goes way back. And her story about creating this guest post makes me smile, laugh, and miss her all at the same time! Thanks, Jenna!] ************************************************************* Hi, my name is Jenna and I am a legal assistant living in Santa Barbara.  I love baking, being in the water, and trying new things, but mostly I love to eat. And read about eating, which is why I love Life Tastes Like Food! When Steph asked me to write a post for her blog, I was so excited to share something with her foodie followers. And then, two seconds later, I started worrying. I wracked my brain for my most foolproof recipe so I wouldn’t embarrass myself in front of you guys. Fruit crisps are about as foolproof [Continue Reading…]

Nov 192011
Drive, Just Drive

“The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.” – Frank Sinatra When I was at the Foodbuzz Food Blogger Festival, the Saturday morning panel was a wonderful way to start the day. Kath, Sarah, Joy, Tracy, and Jessica were such amazing panelists and really opened up my eyes even more to the world of food blogging. Before this festival, I was pretty much on my own. When I first started my blog, I was the only blogger I knew. Slowly through this experience, I have met many other bloggers and it has been such a fun adventure. Really, it was quite a random choice and to this day I can’t really explain why I started a food blog. Actually, yes, I can. I knew I needed a hobby and I knew it needed to be something that I actually enjoyed and wouldn’t wind up [Continue Reading…]

Sep 112011
Kitchen-less Thoughts

I have no kitchen right now to whip up tasty treats or savory meals, so I have decided to share with you my thoughts! Bear with me, all, it’s been a crazy three weeks! I’ve been apartment hunting, and man, does it take a lot out of you. But fear not, once I find the perfect apartment and wonderful kitchen, I will be back in full swing! After all, what’s life without a little change and adventure, right?! But for now, all I have to offer is the insight I’ve learned and discovered within the past three weeks :) Here it goes… Boston, MA. Madison, WI. Japan. Brooklyn, NY. Santa Barbara, CA. Germany. Eugene, OR. Sonoma County. India. Los Angeles, CA. South Africa. Davis, CA. Korea. Canada. San Diego, CA. Vietnam. Hawaii. New Zealand. San Francisco, CA. These are only some of the places where my friends and family currently call [Continue Reading…]

Aug 102011
Greek Salad with Lemon Garlic Dressing

So, I know I’ve already done a post on a traditional Greek salad, but I thought I’d do another version of it. My original post consisted of the same recipe used when I visited the Greek Islands and Athens about 6 years ago. Recently though, I have encountered numerous restaurants that serve their Greek salads differently. Maybe it’s served this way in other parts of Greece, or maybe it’s just Greek “inspired” but either way, I have not been able to stop eating this salad! It started when I ate a version of it at a local pizza joint. The light, lemony dressing caught my attention, and when it was mixed in with the butter leaf lettuce, kalamata olives and tomato wedges, I really enjoyed the combination. Then, fast forward to a couple of weeks later at another local restaurant named Crepeville: I was there for lunch when my collegue ordered [Continue Reading…]

Jul 202011
Sesame Crusted Seared Ahi Tuna

I have an unconditional love for seafood. Unconditional. It’s just so tasty, and I can’t explain why. This sesame crusted tuna is unbelievably easy and quick to make. Searing it adheres the sesame seeds on so nicely and seals in the freshness of the fish. The other day, I didn’t really feel like trying something at a picnic, and a friend  called me out reminded me that I had just written about giving things/food second chances. And he was absolutely right! Today, I am simply grateful for that reminder. And in honor of that, I decided to make a version of a dish that I absolutely hated when I first tried it and now enjoy: sashimi. Now I loveeee raw fish! And I spend way too much money on it! Recently, though, I visited the seafood counter at Nugget Market inquiring about their oysters and tuna. The very nice man behind [Continue Reading…]

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