Sep 202013
Savory Bacon, Cheddar, and Green Onion Pancakes

Breakfast might possibly be my favorite meal of the day. I’m more of a savory (vs. sweet) type of gal though. And I love bacon so this recipe totally hits the spot. The pancakes are savory, with a little bit of sweet, and a lot of spicy (if you choose to douse it in hot sauce like I do). This is a simple and tasty recipe that will change up your weekend routine in a good way. Just make a large batch of pancakes, brew a strong cup(s) of coffee, and enjoy. It’s the weekend so you owe it to yourself to indulge a bit! The idea for this recipe came from St. Francis Fountain’s menu in San Francisco. This local spot offers Upside-Down Hog Cakes which include bacon, cheese, and green onion. Every time my friends and I would go to brunch here, I’d be tempted to order them [Continue Reading…]

a quick weekend getaway.

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Sep 052012
a quick weekend getaway.

I got to spend all of last weekend at a cabin that sits right on the edge of Lake Pinecrest in Pinecrest, CA (near Yosemite). We went hiking, swimming, kayaking, and somehow even managed to incorporate bacon into every single meal on the trip (um, dream come true?). There was no phone or internet service so it was just us and the lake. If you haven’t disconnected from technology in a while, I suggest you do so immediately. It feels amazing, and it was so wonderful spending time with a group of close friends in such a beautiful place. I’m so lucky! Missing this place and the people already. Hope everyone had a safe and fantastic Labor Day weekend! :) -Steph

Jan 232012
How to poach an egg and make a deliciously easy breakfast!

It’s Monday–not always the most favorite day of the week. But here’s a REALLY quick and easy sandwich that will start your Mondays off right. I’m always in a rush before work but when I make this and take 5 minutes to inhale it, I am so satisfied and it really makes me a happier person. Trust me, my office appreciates when I come in a happier person. It’s incredibly simple too! Just an english muffin, some avocado, smoked salmon… like so… and a poached egg! “Poached egg?!” you say? Ahh, piece. of. cake. I will teach you. OK, confession: The first time I ever tried poaching an egg was two weeks ago! Gah! I’ve always want to try because 1) eggs benedict is one of my favoriteeee brunch dishes, 2) I love the runny yolk that a poached egg gives, and 3) it’s just pretty looking. But I’ve always been terrified of [Continue Reading…]

Nov 152011
Bacon-Wrapped Abalone Poppers

Today’s Reader Guest Post: Tammer from Oakland, California [Tammer is a close friend who is an amazing cook. On top of this recipe, he makes a ridiculously delicious abalone ceviche that is to die for! I am constantly in awe of the creative things he comes up with in the kitchen. Enjoy!] ************************************************************** Eaten abalone is not soon forgotten. It’s truth, and as an ab diver I never get tired of hearing people fondly recall an abalone feast from long ago.  I’ve been diving for Red Abalone for a half-decade now and have had the pleasure of introducing many friends to this animal that was hunted for thousands of years by Native Americans along California’s coast.   Today, the highly regulated take of abalone, along with the difficulty of free-diving to find these elusive sea snails, ensures that each meal is special for both the first timer and the avid diver [Continue Reading…]

Jun 132011
Crab and Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

I use to absolutely hate mushrooms. But I also used to hate sushi, and now I can proudly say that it’s probably one of my favorite foods! I always like to try everything at least once, just to give it a chance–even if it looks extremely bizzare. And for some reason, even if I don’t like it the first time, I give it another try. Why? I have no clue. Maybe because I don’t like limitations on what I can and can’t eat, or maybe I’m just prone to giving new experiences a second chance. Either way, I begin to like many things after a couple times of trying them. In fact, raw fish, mushrooms, kim chi, onions, olives, and even jellyfish are just some examples of what my palate needed some time to adapt to, and eventually it did! I guess I keep doing it because I’ve had a lot of [Continue Reading…]

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