Jun 262011
Caprese Panini

I recently wrote a guest post for my friend Shellina over at The Frugal Flambe. Here is a little snippet of it! To read the entire post, click here .[Update: see the entire of the post below] When the sunny weather starts peaking through those clouds, fresh food comes to the mind. Something light and simple with ingredients that leave your palate feeling refreshed. One of my favorite (and extremely easy) meals to make on a summer’s day is a caprese panini. The combination of juicy tomatos, creamy¬†mozzarella, and crisp basil pressed together between grilled bread is such a delight. This dish is so simple, yet a wonderful variation to the classic insalata caprese. For those of you who haven’t had it before, a classic caprese salad is served as an antipasto, and it consists of thick slices of mozzarella laid on top of slices of tomato and topped off [Continue Reading…]

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