Jan 092013
How to Make the Ultimate Football Snackadium

New Year’s resolutions schmesolutions. Football season is in full swing! If you want to have the most memorable Super Bowl party ever, this snackadium is the key to success. The best part is that it’s so much fun to make! Get a group together before the big game and have some fun with it. The sky’s the limit… Materials:  1 foam board (or big piece of cardboard) for the bottom Large pieces of cardboard to construct the walls/stands 2 small disposable bread loaf pans 1 large disposable cake pan 4 tall glasses Packing tape or masking tape Scissors (an exacto knife would be handy too if you have one) Construction paper Toothpicks Aluminum Foil FOOD! (See below) My original vision of this snackadium was a lot simpler and smaller but thanks to a great group of friends, we were able to create something even more amazing! So…here are the steps [Continue Reading…]

Jul 302012
Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Today I’m guest blogging over at 52 Kitchen Adventures! I was super excited when Steph asked me to be a part of The Chocolate Chipe Cookie Challenge. I made brown butter chocolate chunk cookies, and they’re pretty tasty if you ask me :) I talk about my favorite method for baking cookies, which results in perfectly baked cookies every time, as well as the key ingredients that will make your chocolate chip cookies stand out from the rest. The best part about this challenge is that you’re invited to participate as well! To read my guest post and to get the recipe for these brown butter chocolate chunk cookies, click here. Happy Monday!

Feb 052012
Tomorrow is a new beginning.

{photo via Pinterest} Tomorrow, I embark on a new beginning. Tomorrow, my skills and strengths will be tested at the next level. Tomorrow, I officially begin my new job with optimism, courage, and strive. But as I welcome it with open arms, my heart is heavy because it also marks the reality that I am not longer at my old job. Today, though, I embrace this change. Today, I celebrate how lucky I am. They say you can’t have everything and although I definitely understand this, somehow I find myself wishing–just for a split second–that it was possible. To have everything. Then I wouldn’t have to leave one thing to follow my passion for another. Then I wouldn’t have to accept that change is a constant that can’t be messed with. Hell, then I would just eat bacon all day and swim in a pool of hot chocolate! That would [Continue Reading…]

Jan 292012
Sushi, a 6-Hour Road Trip, and My Best Friend's Birthday!

In first grade, she hated me and I didn’t even realize it. I’d walk by, smile, wave at her, and she’d never really wave back! I didn’t think much of it–you know how first graders are. But then, something happened in 5th grade and a best friendship was started. Perhaps it was when she invited me over to her house after school and we discovered our obsession love for folding printer paper in half, drawing our own grids, and playing endless games of Battleship all afternoon together (why we never actually bought the real game is beyond me). Or maybe it was our ability to order two Little Caesar’s $5 pizzas (one for each of us) on a Saturday afternoon and finish it all in the same day while watching movies and ya know, just hanging out. Oh, and there was also our shared interest in making up choreographed dances to 90s pop music. [Continue Reading…]

Jan 232012
How to poach an egg and make a deliciously easy breakfast!

It’s Monday–not always the most favorite day of the week. But here’s a REALLY quick and easy sandwich that will start your Mondays off right. I’m always in a rush before work but when I make this and take 5 minutes to inhale it, I am so satisfied and it really makes me a happier person. Trust me, my office appreciates when I come in a happier person. It’s incredibly simple too! Just an english muffin, some avocado, smoked salmon… like so… and a poached egg! “Poached egg?!” you say? Ahh, piece. of. cake. I will teach you. OK, confession: The first time I ever tried poaching an egg was two weeks ago! Gah! I’ve always want to try because 1) eggs benedict is one of my favoriteeee brunch dishes, 2) I love the runny yolk that a poached egg gives, and 3) it’s just pretty looking. But I’ve always been terrified of [Continue Reading…]

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