Jan 012012
Happy New Year!

New Year’s Day Last Year, January 2011 Tucked inside a cabin surrounded by snow, I snuck off into a room and secretly launched my very first blog post on this very day last year. It was exhilerating and scary all at the same time. And today, I’m in Tahoe again (this time with a lot less snow), and I can’t help but think of everything that has happened in 2011! Over the past couple of weeks, I have gone back to my very first post and re-read it multiple times. I really wanted to see where I started from and where I’ve gotten. I’ve discovered that this blog has changed from my original idea, and it’s amazing to see how things can shift and grow within a year. Life has gotten busier, I’ve moved cities, and my post styles have moved in a different direction. Every now and then they revert back [Continue Reading…]

Dec 202011
Holiday Health

Today’s Blogger Guest Post for The Holiday Project: Liz from It’s Unbeweavable  [I’ve followed Liz’s blog for a while now. It’s so inspiring, fun, and encouraging to read. She’s real. She’s honest. It’s amazing! So happy to have her on Life Tastes Like Food today!] ******************************************************************************************* {photo via} Hi there! I’m Liz, and I am honored to be a part of this project.  I’ve blogged over at It’s Unbeweavable for the past three years, and am transitioning my blog from fashion to fitness based, because I’m a firm believer that as you grow and change, so should your blog. By the time you read this, I will (fingers crossed) be a certified personal trainer. Woo! Why fitness?  Last year, I lost 100 pounds.  It still feels odd saying that.  I’ll spare you the back story, but as anyone who has lost any amount of weight knows, maintenance is actually harder [Continue Reading…]

Dec 152011
Strawberry Guava Crisp

Today’s Reader Guest Post for The Holiday Project: Jenna from Santa Barbara, California [Jenna and I go way back. Our shared love of food goes way back. And her story about creating this guest post makes me smile, laugh, and miss her all at the same time! Thanks, Jenna!] ************************************************************* Hi, my name is Jenna and I am a legal assistant living in Santa Barbara.  I love baking, being in the water, and trying new things, but mostly I love to eat. And read about eating, which is why I love Life Tastes Like Food! When Steph asked me to write a post for her blog, I was so excited to share something with her foodie followers. And then, two seconds later, I started worrying. I wracked my brain for my most foolproof recipe so I wouldn’t embarrass myself in front of you guys. Fruit crisps are about as foolproof [Continue Reading…]

Nov 152011
Bacon-Wrapped Abalone Poppers

Today’s Reader Guest Post: Tammer from Oakland, California [Tammer is a close friend who is an amazing cook. On top of this recipe, he makes a ridiculously delicious abalone ceviche that is to die for! I am constantly in awe of the creative things he comes up with in the kitchen. Enjoy!] ************************************************************** Eaten abalone is not soon forgotten. It’s truth, and as an ab diver I never get tired of hearing people fondly recall an abalone feast from long ago.  I’ve been diving for Red Abalone for a half-decade now and have had the pleasure of introducing many friends to this animal that was hunted for thousands of years by Native Americans along California’s coast.   Today, the highly regulated take of abalone, along with the difficulty of free-diving to find these elusive sea snails, ensures that each meal is special for both the first timer and the avid diver [Continue Reading…]

Sep 152011
Adventures In Between

More musings while I keep on keeping on with this apartment hunt! Things I’ve learned in the past couple of weeks while in limbo: 1. When you stay with friends, they are amazingly hospitable and make you delicious dinners!! (Beer mac and cheese or ribs, anyone?!) Yep, I am one lucky girl. 2. When you wander neighborhoods to check out the area for potential apartments, you often black out and find yourself in a store buying stuff you don’t really need, like a new book. Or three. Every time. Somehow, I’ve ended up with about 10 new books in the last couple of weeks! How did that happen?!?! I’m currently reading this book, and it’s. so. funny. 3. Inflatable inner tubes make great camping chairs when you forget to bring real chairs. Oh, and camping comes in handy when you’re between apartments :) Just look at how comfy we are…whee!! [Continue Reading…]

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