Feb 062012
Lemon, Kalamata Olive, and Parsley Quinoa Patties

It’s Monday! How’d everyone’s Super Bowl weekend go? Were you guys happy or depressed that the Giants won? Here’s an even better question–what’d you guys think of Madonna?! Incredible, right? Um, can she teach me how to dance and sing like that at age 53??? WOW. She rocks. So usually, I despise Mondays, but this Monday is a little different for me. Whether you hate Mondays or love them (who really loves Mondays anyway…anyone?!) these little quinoa patties will be a great start to the week! I found the recipe on Joy the Baker’s blog (she’s the BEST!) and modified it slightly. This recipe’s a keeper, folks! Packed full of nutrients and protein, these taste amazing with a poached egg or scrambled eggs (especially if you cut up the patties and put them in a breakfast burrito!). They have a slight kick from the olives and bright bursts of fresh lemon [Continue Reading…]

Feb 052012
Tomorrow is a new beginning.

{photo via Pinterest} Tomorrow, I embark on a new beginning. Tomorrow, my skills and strengths will be tested at the next level. Tomorrow, I officially begin my new job with optimism, courage, and strive. But as I welcome it with open arms, my heart is heavy because it also marks the reality that I am not longer at my old job. Today, though, I embrace this change. Today, I celebrate how lucky I am. They say you can’t have everything and although I definitely understand this, somehow I find myself wishing–just for a split second–that it was possible. To have everything. Then I wouldn’t have to leave one thing to follow my passion for another. Then I wouldn’t have to accept that change is a constant that can’t be messed with. Hell, then I would just eat bacon all day and swim in a pool of hot chocolate! That would [Continue Reading…]

Jan 232012
How to poach an egg and make a deliciously easy breakfast!

It’s Monday–not always the most favorite day of the week. But here’s a REALLY quick and easy sandwich that will start your Mondays off right. I’m always in a rush before work but when I make this and take 5 minutes to inhale it, I am so satisfied and it really makes me a happier person. Trust me, my office appreciates when I come in a happier person. It’s incredibly simple too! Just an english muffin, some avocado, smoked salmon… like so… and a poached egg! “Poached egg?!” you say? Ahh, piece. of. cake. I will teach you. OK, confession: The first time I ever tried poaching an egg was two weeks ago! Gah! I’ve always want to try because 1) eggs benedict is one of my favoriteeee brunch dishes, 2) I love the runny yolk that a poached egg gives, and 3) it’s just pretty looking. But I’ve always been terrified of [Continue Reading…]

Jan 012012
Happy New Year!

New Year’s Day Last Year, January 2011 Tucked inside a cabin surrounded by snow, I snuck off into a room and secretly launched my very first blog post on this very day last year. It was exhilerating and scary all at the same time. And today, I’m in Tahoe again (this time with a lot less snow), and I can’t help but think of everything that has happened in 2011! Over the past couple of weeks, I have gone back to my very first post and re-read it multiple times. I really wanted to see where I started from and where I’ve gotten. I’ve discovered that this blog has changed from my original idea, and it’s amazing to see how things can shift and grow within a year. Life has gotten busier, I’ve moved cities, and my post styles have moved in a different direction. Every now and then they revert back [Continue Reading…]

Sep 192011

So, being between apartments is actually perfect right now because I’m on vacation. Hawaii, that is ;) Ya know…just soaking up the sun and beautiful beach weather! Life is not too shabby right now… For everyone that is working hard, catching up on their studies, running errands, and taking care of business today, I don’t want to rub this wonderful vacation too much in your faces. I commend you all, and I truly believe that everyone should take a nice break every once in a while! For those that can’t be on vacation right now, I offer you this sangria recipe. It’s like a vacation in itself because it tastes delicious, is extremely easy to make, and it makes you feel like you are far, far away from your daily worries and tasks. You know you want some… I found the recipe and experimented with it a little bit. I added [Continue Reading…]

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