May 032013
Silk Soymilk and Startup Life

Huzza! The glory of working at a startup in San Francisco means…free snacks and drinks! ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. Which is a good and bad thing depending on how you look at it. Can you guess how many bags of chips I can eat in one day?! It’s too embarrassing, I’m never telling! One quality I pride myself on is how quickly I can notice when our office kitchen gets restocked. The downside to this is that I find myself eating a lot of unhealthy snacks throughout the day. I’m lucky that our company provides some healthy alternatives though! Or else I probably would have gained 15 pounds by now. Hummus, raw almonds, and Silk Soy Milk are some of the great healthy options in the office kitchen. We are always fully stocked with Silk Soy Milk! Whether my colleagues and I are adding it to our morning cup(s) of coffee, pouring it [Continue Reading…]

Nov 212011
Pumpkin Spice "Latte"

Happy Monday, Everyone! Do you guys hate Mondays as much as I do? Yeah, I feel ya. But coffee helps, right? Well, to help you get through your Monday, I’m sharing something I discovered about a certain Fall favorite. Ohhh, boy, I have found the secret! To a pretty freaking good mock pumpkin spice latte, that is. Like, just as good. And ridiculously cheaper. Without all the hoopla of making your own syrups or pumpkin puree and whatnot. If you’re like me, you waited a while after the pumpkin spice latte came back to Starbucks this Fall to purchase one because at a whopping $4.95 for a grande sized drink, it’s hard to justify such a treat. I finally gave in, because, well, they’re just undeniably delicious. But I’ve only had 2 this year…on special occasions. Special occasions = walking to the local starbucks to get coffee right before work [Continue Reading…]

Aug 212011
Thai Iced Tea and the Giveaway Winners!

About a month ago (wow, time flies!), I wrote a guest post for my friend, Shellina, over at The Frugal Flambe. Now, that same pitcher of Thai tea I made for the post is definitely gone, and I’ve been craving it for, oh, about a month. Not to mention that within this time frame Shellina and her family have gained a new addition to their family! Their new little bundle of joy, Abigail, is so beautiful! Congratulations, Shellina! Also, congratulations to the three winners of the coffee cup giveaway: Sunni, Sarah Michelle, and Jhenifer! Please email me at for more information on how to receive your prize! Thanks to everyone that entered! BUT WAIT, as a consolation prize (because I truly wish I could give everyone one of these awesome mugs), here is a 10% off coupon code for any order at Dawn’s Etsy Shop! So if you want one (or [Continue Reading…]

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