Aug 042011
Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

I dreamed a dream…of cookies and cream…cupcakes. There’s something about rich, decadent, chocolate cupcakes filled with hidden bits of oreo cookies and topped off with a nice big swirl of cookies and cream frosting. When I think of cookies and cream, I think of either ice cream or a milkshake. So when I was considering making a cupcake version, I debated on how I wanted to do it. Luckily, Bakerella read my mind and posted a recipe for exactly that a week earlier! Thanks, Bakerella!!! You are amazing. I added extra oreo crumbs to the frosting because I wanted it to taste like an Oreo, and I also sprinkled some more oreo crumbs on after I piped the cookies and cream frosting on to the cupcakes. Then, I topped each cupcake off with a little mini oreo and enjoyed one (or three) while taking the pictures. Shhhh! Later that night, [Continue Reading…]

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