Feb 062012
Lemon, Kalamata Olive, and Parsley Quinoa Patties

It’s Monday! How’d everyone’s Super Bowl weekend go? Were you guys happy or depressed that the Giants won? Here’s an even better question–what’d you guys think of Madonna?! Incredible, right? Um, can she teach me how to dance and sing like that at age 53??? WOW. She rocks. So usually, I despise Mondays, but this Monday is a little different for me. Whether you hate Mondays or love them (who really loves Mondays anyway…anyone?!) these little quinoa patties will be a great start to the week! I found the recipe on Joy the Baker’s blog (she’s the BEST!) and modified it slightly. This recipe’s a keeper, folks! Packed full of nutrients and protein, these taste amazing with a poached egg or scrambled eggs (especially if you cut up the patties and put them in a breakfast burrito!). They have a slight kick from the olives and bright bursts of fresh lemon [Continue Reading…]

Feb 022012
Energy Bites and Balance

Energy bites. Because we deserve to keep our bodies healthy. Because we deserve to divulge in something sweet. Because they’re delicious. Because they’re cute and small and look like they should be a truffle or something. Because they’re kind of awesome. Because we’re rock stars. I’m not very good at exercising. Period. When it comes to will power, I can think of anything under the sun as an excuse not to work out. Like shopping. I like to justify shopping as a workout–I mean, I power walk for like 3 hours straight hitting sales and as many stores as possible. Sometimes I’ll even lift my shopping bags like they’re weights while I walk to the next store. Plus, when I get a pair of shoes or an awesome new sweater as my post-work out reward, what’s not to love?! Seeee how I have too many excuses? It’s sad. But every [Continue Reading…]

Nov 132011
Garlic Edamame

I go through phases when I eat. Sometimes, they’re healthy. Most times, they’re the most disgusting addiction and unhealthy thing out there. Like SpaghettiOs. Man, do I love SpaghettiOs. My friend and I ate strictly SpaghettiOs for an entire week once. No joke. Disgusting, right? But oh. so. good. For some reason, when I crave a certain thing I can’t stop! And this leads me to my microwave popcorn phase. It was short lived because soon after it began, I decided that it was not ok. So, I bought bags of edamame instead and haven’t looked back since! Ok, I eat the occasional bag of microwave popcorn still…but who doesn’t?! This edamame is a craving in itself. It has some cooked garlic in every bite as well as some red pepper flakes for an added kick. The best part about it is that it’s healthy for you! It’s a great [Continue Reading…]

May 312011
A Weekend Filled with Spinach and Snow

Yep, you read correctly…snow at the end of May! For Memorial Day weekend, a group of friends and I headed up to beautiful Lake Tahoe for a weekend getaway. It snowed 2 out of the 3 days we were there! Although unexpected, the snow was beautiful to watch fall and blanket the driveway and trees outside. It truly was a winter wonderland in late Spring. We spent hours playing Taboo, sang along to the live music played by our talented friends, and had a great time catching up next to the warm fire that was roaring all weekend long. On top of all that, we had great food! Our group decided to pitch in and get enough food to make group meals throughout the trip. This time, however, we didn’t realize the idea of “enough food for everyone” also applied to spinach. Our friend, who was doing all the food shopping, got a little too much [Continue Reading…]

Spring, Sunshine, and Salad

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Mar 302011
Spring, Sunshine, and Salad

The sun is out, the air is warm, and I’m stuck with a cold!! What?! I survived the entire winter without getting fully sick at all, but it finally caught up to me in these first couple weeks of Spring! So, instead of cooking and baking, I have been tossing back cough drops, Robitussin and a ridiculous amout of hot tea–not exactly my ideal diet. Despite my runny nose and embarrassingly loud cough, I am still determined to enjoy the beautiful weather outside and stay productive! The transition from Winter to Spring is so wonderful because the flowers start blooming, flip flops, pool weather, and tons of ice cream are so clearly in sight. This is also around the time where salad becomes one of my favorite meals to enjoy outside as those warm sun rays hit my shoulders. This tofu and broccoli salad in particular is light and healthy. [Continue Reading…]

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