Apr 092013
Green Monster Smoothie

How do you guys feel about juicing? I still can’t decide. I think juicing has its benefits and it’s great for cleansing but I also feel like juicing wastes a lot of the fruit/veggie when you’re just extracting the juice. I guess maybe if there were easier ways to use the left over fiber I’d be more into it? I’m a huge fan of green smoothies though and definitely don’t mind the fiber that’s mixed in. In fact, I actually like that they’re thicker because it makes them taste heartier and I get pretty full from drinking a whole glass! Plus, I really enjoy benefiting from all the nutrients each vegetable/fruit has to offer. Party on. This is seriously how I get my day’s worth of vegetables (and some fruits as well!), and this recipe only takes about 10 minutes to make. Lightening speed, y’all. I use this awesome blender [Continue Reading…]

Nov 212011
Pumpkin Spice "Latte"

Happy Monday, Everyone! Do you guys hate Mondays as much as I do? Yeah, I feel ya. But coffee helps, right? Well, to help you get through your Monday, I’m sharing something I discovered about a certain Fall favorite. Ohhh, boy, I have found the secret! To a pretty freaking good mock pumpkin spice latte, that is. Like, just as good. And ridiculously cheaper. Without all the hoopla of making your own syrups or pumpkin puree and whatnot. If you’re like me, you waited a while after the pumpkin spice latte came back to Starbucks this Fall to purchase one because at a whopping $4.95 for a grande sized drink, it’s hard to justify such a treat. I finally gave in, because, well, they’re just undeniably delicious. But I’ve only had 2 this year…on special occasions. Special occasions = walking to the local starbucks to get coffee right before work [Continue Reading…]

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