South America: Turning 25 Years Old in Cotopaxi and Quito, Ecuador

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Sep 242013
South America: Turning 25 Years Old in Cotopaxi and Quito, Ecuador

I got to hike the second highest volcano in the world on my 25th birthday with amazing friends–this day is going to be a hard one to top! Megan, Kristina, and I hopped in Paul’s car around 6am so we could get an early start to Cotopaxi, a national park just outside of Quito. Paul and Santiago, Kristina’s classmates, navigated the roads while the three of us tried to sleep a little more in the backseat. We had to get to the volcano early in the day because if you arrive too late, the fog covers up the entire thing and you miss the beautiful view. The five of us planned to leave even earlier than 6am but struggled to wake up on time. Hikers intending to climb to the summit usually spend the night at the base camp and start their trek at midnight or 1am in order to [Continue Reading…]

Oct 032012
Upside Down Chicken Pot Pie

Real talk: Chicken pot pie is one of the best comfort foods ever. Especially during a cold, fall evening. (San Francisco is getting some really nice weather right now but it’ll be gone before we know it!) That’s where this chicken pot pie comes in. Sometimes it takes up too much time to make though, right? Not to worry because I’ve found a quick way to make a tasty batch even on a week night! Plus it’s healthier than your average pot pie ;-) P.S. This sounded fantastic after my awesome trek in Big Sur last weekend! More on that to come :) Back to the pie. We’ll start with the basics…a small amount of ingredients is all you need! Then instead of making crust, we’re just going to cut up a sheet of puff pastry and bake that while cooking the pot pie ingredients. Flaky goodness. Oh, and there [Continue Reading…]

Jun 222012
davis grad party and taco time!

Last weekend, I drove up to HOT, HOT, HOT Davis, CA to celebrate with 4 of my friends who were graduating. Two of them received their undergraduate degrees and the other two completed their masters programs! I’m so proud of them. Look out, World, here come the grads!!! How amazing is this card that our friend Rachel MADE for the occasion? (Our school has a huge water tower that you can spot from the freeway and UC Davis is known for having a bunch of cows.) Best part? Ohhh, ya know…a taco truck catered the graduation event. WHAT. WHAT. I know, amazing. Fresh tortillas, hot meats, and spicy salsas. Don’t let the sweet looking green salsa fool you either. That “hot” salsa was insanely spicy! And delicious :) We also enjoyed some homebrew and lots of fresh fruit to keep us cool (did I mention it was around 102 degrees [Continue Reading…]

Apr 242012
UC Davis Picnic Day 2012

If I stand behind my beliefs and the entire existence of this blog, then “life tastes like food”. Life should be adventurous, bold, daring, and enjoyable. It should be sweet, savory, meaningful, and tasty. I’ve been so wrapped up with work that I have forgotten to enjoy these bites of life lately. Until last weekend, that is. Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of working hard as well but sometimes taking personal time to just enjoy the company of others is much needed. Step back. Take a breath. Smile. Sit. Enjoy. Last weekend, I took a break from my weekly routine and spent some time back in Davis with a group of my closest friends. Friends near and far made their way back to Davis last weekend for UC Davis’ Annual Picnic Day, which is basically a huge open house for the UCD campus. Events go on all [Continue Reading…]

Jan 292012
Sushi, a 6-Hour Road Trip, and My Best Friend's Birthday!

In first grade, she hated me and I didn’t even realize it. I’d walk by, smile, wave at her, and she’d never really wave back! I didn’t think much of it–you know how first graders are. But then, something happened in 5th grade and a best friendship was started. Perhaps it was when she invited me over to her house after school and we discovered our obsession love for folding printer paper in half, drawing our own grids, and playing endless games of Battleship all afternoon together (why we never actually bought the real game is beyond me). Or maybe it was our ability to order two Little Caesar’s $5 pizzas (one for each of us) on a Saturday afternoon and finish it all in the same day while watching movies and ya know, just hanging out. Oh, and there was also our shared interest in making up choreographed dances to 90s pop music. [Continue Reading…]

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