South America: Turning 25 Years Old in Cotopaxi and Quito, Ecuador

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Sep 242013
South America: Turning 25 Years Old in Cotopaxi and Quito, Ecuador

I got to hike the second highest volcano in the world on my 25th birthday with amazing friends–this day is going to be a hard one to top! Megan, Kristina, and I hopped in Paul’s car around 6am so we could get an early start to Cotopaxi, a national park just outside of Quito. Paul and Santiago, Kristina’s classmates, navigated the roads while the three of us tried to sleep a little more in the backseat. We had to get to the volcano early in the day because if you arrive too late, the fog covers up the entire thing and you miss the beautiful view. The five of us planned to leave even earlier than 6am but struggled to wake up on time. Hikers intending to climb to the summit usually spend the night at the base camp and start their trek at midnight or 1am in order to [Continue Reading…]

May 302013
Blueberries + The SF Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

This past weekend was awesome. And blueberry season has officially begun! What started as Girls Night In (proof here) became such a fun adventure in helping out at the Sierra Cascade Blueberry Farm stand at the SF Ferry Plaza Farmers Market last Saturday! Some of you may remember that I also helped Armen at the Berkeley Farmers Market last year. Armen is Will’s (my good friend and college roommate’s) mom.  And this year, we joined Will’s dad, John, at the Ferry Building. As much as I missed Armen’s wonderful personality and natural ease when chatting with her devout blueberry fans this time around, the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market was such a fun experience! I’ve gone here on the weekends before but have never been on the selling side of the stand. We go to our spot and started setting up at 7:30am on Saturday morning. We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day. [Continue Reading…]

Jan 092013
How to Make the Ultimate Football Snackadium

New Year’s resolutions schmesolutions. Football season is in full swing! If you want to have the most memorable Super Bowl party ever, this snackadium is the key to success. The best part is that it’s so much fun to make! Get a group together before the big game and have some fun with it. The sky’s the limit… Materials:  1 foam board (or big piece of cardboard) for the bottom Large pieces of cardboard to construct the walls/stands 2 small disposable bread loaf pans 1 large disposable cake pan 4 tall glasses Packing tape or masking tape Scissors (an exacto knife would be handy too if you have one) Construction paper Toothpicks Aluminum Foil FOOD! (See below) My original vision of this snackadium was a lot simpler and smaller but thanks to a great group of friends, we were able to create something even more amazing! So…here are the steps [Continue Reading…]

Jan 012013
Happy New Year + 2 Year Blog Anniversary!

Another year has come and gone even though it feels like January 1, 2012 was just yesterday! But my oh my so much has happened this year. As I launch this post, I’m in tahoe again for the fourth year in a row! Last year there was no snow at all and we went on hikes instead of to the ski resorts but this year has proved to be quite the opposite. Snow everywhere! YAYYY! This is probably my favorite part of the year. Hiding out in a cabin, surrounded by a group of fantastic friends, ending 2012 and welcoming 2013 all at the same time. It’s crazy to think that it’s been a full 2 years since I started this blog! And I’m so glad I did. It’s a place for me to release my thoughts, post fun recipes, and share a little bit of me with you. :) [Continue Reading…]

a quick weekend getaway.

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Sep 052012
a quick weekend getaway.

I got to spend all of last weekend at a cabin that sits right on the edge of Lake Pinecrest in Pinecrest, CA (near Yosemite). We went hiking, swimming, kayaking, and somehow even managed to incorporate bacon into every single meal on the trip (um, dream come true?). There was no phone or internet service so it was just us and the lake. If you haven’t disconnected from technology in a while, I suggest you do so immediately. It feels amazing, and it was so wonderful spending time with a group of close friends in such a beautiful place. I’m so lucky! Missing this place and the people already. Hope everyone had a safe and fantastic Labor Day weekend! :) -Steph

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