May 242013
Blackberry Mint Spritzer

This week was a two dinners in one night kind of week. Literally. Pad Thai at 5:30pm and then 3 amazingly delicious pizzas (split between 9 of us) around 9pm on a Wednesday night. I mean, my co-workers and I were hanging out in North Beach and since that neighborhood is the home of Little Italy, we had to check out Tony’s Pizza. I don’t regret a thing. And yeah, my co-workers love food as much as I do!  It’s awesome. This week I watched the Great Gatsby! That soundtrack is…wack. I mean it’s good but weird. Jay-Z produced it? I can tell! Overall, I liked the movie though. There were a few scenes that didn’t fit but it was a good movie! Now when I see a pic of Leo I can’t imagine him without his Jay Gatsby accent…old sport. This week we also saw Guy Fieri at the food truck [Continue Reading…]

Nov 262012
Mulled Cider with Fresh Fruit and Spiced Rum

Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? I think my favorite part of Thanksgiving was when I caught my adult cousin literally licking her plate clean :) Trust me, I was thinking of doing the sammme thing…she just beat me to it. Now that Turkey Day over, the Christmas season is starting to set in! Warm fires, snow, hot drinks, fudge, cookies, ugly sweaters, Christmas movies, Christmas SONGS. The list goes on. My favorite drink? This mulled cider!! It’s so warm and tasty. One sip makes me want to curl up under a blanket and watch Christmas movies back-to-back all weekend long (too bad it’s Monday!). And if you’re not a grandma like me who enjoys the occasional spiked drink while watching movies on a Saturday night, I guaranteeeee that this cider would be a hit at any holiday party!! It’s really easy to make and one pot serves a small gathering. [Continue Reading…]

Jun 092011
Strawberry, Avocado, and Mango Salad

What a week! From having my last two posts’ pictures featured on Foodgawker (and one on Tastespotting!), to having the honor of working with two great ladies from The Frugal Flambe and The Paleo Project in executing a 3-tiered guest post on all of our blogs, to being featured on the Foodbuzz’s Daily Top 9 two days ago, I am ecstatic! That may not seem like much to some, but for me, it’s beyond what I’ve ever imagined. Welcome, new readers! I hope you will enjoy this blog. And to the devoted readers that have been following me throughout these past six months, I cannot be more grateful that you have put up with my random thoughts and endless rants about life and food. When I started this blog on January 1st this year, I never expected that anyone more than my close friends and family would read it. And I was [Continue Reading…]

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