Bruschetta and The Little Things

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Jul 112013
Bruschetta and The Little Things

When I was offered the opportunity to work with Olivari Olive Oil, I got really excited when I learned that their campaign slogan is: The Little Things Are Everything. I truly believe in this mantra, and think about it quite often actually. I always reflect on the little things in life, and I think doing so gives me clarity when I’m confused about something (or going through my quarter life crisis!). For me, some of the most important things in life can be summed up into a few categories: Quality time with friends and family, alone time, and tasty food. In that order. :) I love is spending time with my friends and family. Big trips and adventures are nice, but quality time and just hanging out together are even better. Simply appreciating daily pleasures such as ordering take out with my roommates or sharing funny youtube videos with my parents are the best. And those simple but sweet moments are the [Continue Reading…]

Jul 092013
South America: Puno and Lake Titicaca

From Cusco, we headed to Puno on an overnight bus after half a day of running around and changing our itinerary. I was really nervous that we would never get to see Machu Picchu but I was also really excited for Lake Titicaca! The overnight bus via Cruz del Sur was really nice and comfy–the seats almost reclined all the way too, which was a huge plus. We got to the Puno bus station at 4:30am and immediately realized how cold it was (the city’s elevation is over 12,000 feet). Only carrying our day packs with clothes originally for the warm Machu Picchu climate, Megan and I pretty much put on everything we brought with us. When we walked into the bus station, were were surrounded by a crowd of people trying to sell us tours. Luckily, we needed a day tour so for 35 soles each (less than $13 [Continue Reading…]

a quick weekend getaway.

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Sep 052012
a quick weekend getaway.

I got to spend all of last weekend at a cabin that sits right on the edge of Lake Pinecrest in Pinecrest, CA (near Yosemite). We went hiking, swimming, kayaking, and somehow even managed to incorporate bacon into every single meal on the trip (um, dream come true?). There was no phone or internet service so it was just us and the lake. If you haven’t disconnected from technology in a while, I suggest you do so immediately. It feels amazing, and it was so wonderful spending time with a group of close friends in such a beautiful place. I’m so lucky! Missing this place and the people already. Hope everyone had a safe and fantastic Labor Day weekend! :) -Steph

Jul 262012
Cache Creek Adventures

I want to call our annual trip more of a tubing/floating adventure rather than “camping”. Or maybe it’s a cookout and we just sleep in tents at night and continue the cookout the next day? Yes, that works. Cache Creek is your ideal car camping spot. You can bring whatever you want, it’s nice and hot, there’s a flowing creek just a few steps away, and the grill and fire pit are always ready to go. The creek has big enough rapids that require us to wear a life jacket at all times when floating but it’s mellow enough in some areas where we can just relax and enjoy the sun while the water floats us downstream. It’s the perfect balance. Yes, Sheeter rode that turtle down the entire creek, rapids and all! This year was particularly fun because there were 19 of us that were able to make it [Continue Reading…]

Jun 292012
san francisco from afar.

“I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can’t see from the center.” -Kurt Vonnegut These pictures were taken on a hike just outside of San Francisco. It was beautiful! Full moon sneaking up, foggy horizon, and the sun was so big we felt like we could reach out and touch it. Makes me love this place even more than I already do. Happy Friday!

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