Jun 222012
davis grad party and taco time!

Last weekend, I drove up to HOT, HOT, HOT Davis, CA to celebrate with 4 of my friends who were graduating. Two of them received their undergraduate degrees and the other two completed their masters programs! I’m so proud of them. Look out, World, here come the grads!!! How amazing is this card that our friend Rachel MADE for the occasion? (Our school has a huge water tower that you can spot from the freeway and UC Davis is known for having a bunch of cows.) Best part? Ohhh, ya know…a taco truck catered the graduation event. WHAT. WHAT. I know, amazing. Fresh tortillas, hot meats, and spicy salsas. Don’t let the sweet looking green salsa fool you either. That “hot” salsa was insanely spicy! And delicious :) We also enjoyed some homebrew and lots of fresh fruit to keep us cool (did I mention it was around 102 degrees [Continue Reading…]

Apr 242012
UC Davis Picnic Day 2012

If I stand behind my beliefs and the entire existence of this blog, then “life tastes like food”. Life should be adventurous, bold, daring, and enjoyable. It should be sweet, savory, meaningful, and tasty. I’ve been so wrapped up with work that I have forgotten to enjoy these bites of life lately. Until last weekend, that is. Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of working hard as well but sometimes taking personal time to just enjoy the company of others is much needed. Step back. Take a breath. Smile. Sit. Enjoy. Last weekend, I took a break from my weekly routine and spent some time back in Davis with a group of my closest friends. Friends near and far made their way back to Davis last weekend for UC Davis’ Annual Picnic Day, which is basically a huge open house for the UCD campus. Events go on all [Continue Reading…]

Mar 122012
Brown Sugar Kitchen's Chicken and Waffles

Please excuse the low-quality iPhone 3 camera pictures but this place was just so good I HAD to share it with you all! (Plus, I just got an new phone so no more low-quality phone pictures after this! Can a get a woot woot?!) Tucked away in an industrial part of West Oakland, there lies a diamond in the ruff. Brown Sugar Kitchen is an amazing place for soul food! I went last weekend with my cousin, and we had such a great time. We arrived around 1:30 for a late lunch and was told that there was about a 45 minute wait. It was a really sunny and beatiful day so we didn’t mind hanging out outside for a bit. Plus, the restaurant closes at 3pm on Sundays so we knew we couldn’t come back later in the day. The. wait. was. totally. WORTH. IT. We were seated at [Continue Reading…]

Feb 162012
Cheddar Vegetable Chowder

Good morninggg, friends! Hope everyone’s day is off to a good start. I don’t know about you guys, but it’s been really chilly in San Francisco lately. Nice and sunny but really cold! There were a couple days when it has rained, but other than that I’d say this winter has been pretty weird. Nonetheless, I have been craving soup like it’s about to go out of style. Any kind, really. Tomato, cream of broccoli, beef stew, chicken noodle, and the list goes on. I started looking up soups on Pinterest. [Side bar–GAH, Pinterest. I’m addicted. Are you guys on it? If so, follow me or leave your link in the comments and I will follow you!] Anyway, so I decided to make this veggie chowder, and it is SO GOOD! And healthy! Unlike other creamy soups, there’s no cream, half and half,  or sour cream at all in this [Continue Reading…]

Feb 062012
Lemon, Kalamata Olive, and Parsley Quinoa Patties

It’s Monday! How’d everyone’s Super Bowl weekend go? Were you guys happy or depressed that the Giants won? Here’s an even better question–what’d you guys think of Madonna?! Incredible, right? Um, can she teach me how to dance and sing like that at age 53??? WOW. She rocks. So usually, I despise Mondays, but this Monday is a little different for me. Whether you hate Mondays or love them (who really loves Mondays anyway…anyone?!) these little quinoa patties will be a great start to the week! I found the recipe on Joy the Baker’s blog (she’s the BEST!) and modified it slightly. This recipe’s a keeper, folks! Packed full of nutrients and protein, these taste amazing with a poached egg or scrambled eggs (especially if you cut up the patties and put them in a breakfast burrito!). They have a slight kick from the olives and bright bursts of fresh lemon [Continue Reading…]

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