May 192011
Spoken Word: Food for the Soul

This is a short clip I took during the event featured in this post. This particular workshop was centered around creating a community mural. The youth were also encouraged to customize their event t-shirts, and this is a small example of the inspiring creativity we saw throughout this event. Edited by: Patrick Anderson Song Credit: Citizen Cope – “Let the Drummer Kick” “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” Writing has never been a strong suit (and I am not being modest, folks). But when I started this blog, it quickly became my outlet. Yes, this blog is mainly about food. How a person can talk and relate so much about food is beyond me and probably boring and mindless to many others. But for some reason, to me, it just makes sense.  We look at, eat, feel, taste, examine, cook, and think about food every day. It’s [Continue Reading…]

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