Jul 242013
South America: Huacachina, Peru

The little town of Huacachina is beyond amazing. We only spent one night there but every moment of it was so much fun! If you are around the Lima area, I highly suggest visiting this place. Disclaimer: This post if filled with way too many sunset photos. But I don’t care! There was only one minor travel issue (yay!) on the way down which consisted of Megan and I hanging out too long at the airport after we landed in Lima, losing track of time, and then barely making our bus to Ica! The Cruz del Sur bus station in Lima is about 3 times as big as the one in Cusco so we didn’t anticipate such long lines to get our tickets and check our bags. The ticketing system at the bus station is sort of like going to the DMV–you receive a number from a self-serve kiosk based [Continue Reading…]

Jul 162013
South America: Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu

This is sort of a long post (sorry!) so feel free to just scroll through the pics if you’d like. :) The bus from Lake Titicaca brought us back to Cusco and straight to the Cusco bus station so we could make our second attempt at going to Aguas Calientes, and we finally made it to the train! The PeruRail cars for the Vistadome train are incredible and put Amtrak to shame (to be fair, I think we got upgraded because we had to change our itinerary). There are huge windows on both of the walls and even the ceiling so it almost seems like the train doesn’t have walls and you can see everything around you. The beginning of the train ride was pretty normal and then all of a sudden the scenery turns into beautiful exotic plants and lush greenery that completely engulfs even the tiniest area of [Continue Reading…]

Jul 092013
South America: Puno and Lake Titicaca

From Cusco, we headed to Puno on an overnight bus after half a day of running around and changing our itinerary. I was really nervous that we would never get to see Machu Picchu but I was also really excited for Lake Titicaca! The overnight bus via Cruz del Sur was really nice and comfy–the seats almost reclined all the way too, which was a huge plus. We got to the Puno bus station at 4:30am and immediately realized how cold it was (the city’s elevation is over 12,000 feet). Only carrying our day packs with clothes originally for the warm Machu Picchu climate, Megan and I pretty much put on everything we brought with us. When we walked into the bus station, were were surrounded by a crowd of people trying to sell us tours. Luckily, we needed a day tour so for 35 soles each (less than $13 [Continue Reading…]

Jul 052013
South America: Cusco, Peru

HI! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! Peru and Ecuador were so amazing. My best friend Megan and I almost ripped up our return tickets back to California so we could stay longer! I’m going to share the details of the trip with you so please bear with me as there will be about 6 posts related to the trip coming up in the next two weeks. Normal posts will be resume after!  :)  Piriwana, our Hostel in Cusco Our first destination in Peru was Cusco. We shared 6-person room in our hostel that consisted of 3 bunk beds and a private bathroom. Our room opened into the courtyard (pictured above) which was fun because there were always people hanging out there. Megan I ate the hostel’s complimentary breakfast in the morning which included unlimited bread with margarine and jam, cereal, coffee and mate de coca. Mate [Continue Reading…]

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