Jun 052011
Hash Brown Crusted Quiche with Bacon

Oh, Sundays. What a wonderful day of the week. There’s something relaxing about this day. I’m not sure if it’s the end to a busy week where we can appreciate having a day to ourselves or maybe the calm before the storm as another week of our fast-paced lives approaches all too soon. Regardless, I usually like to use my Sundays to clean, catch up on projects that I have been procrastinating on my TV shows, and eat…way. too. much. After all, Sunday breakfast and/or brunch is a must. For me, today was spent cleaning out my coffee maker (followed by brewing some delicious coffee), catching up on other blogs, attempting to do laundry, and baking a bacon quiche. First off, I love bacon and can’t resist potatoes, so this recipe was definitely a win-win for me. You may not know that I am a hard-core bacon fan simply because I’ve barely ever posted [Continue Reading…]

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