Jul 182013
Guilt-Free Blue Cheese Dressing (Made with Greek Yogurt)

I have some uncharacteristic news: I registered to run a half marathon in November! WOAH, right? I know…I am the worst at exercising but yes, I will be running the US Half Marathon in San Francisco on November 3rd, even if that means crawling across the finish line at the 2 hour and 59 minute mark of the race. I found out about the race from a colleague, finally got the guts to sign up, and started a training plan this week which will eventually increase to running about 40 miles a week. Wildddddd! But I was able to convince Abby (my housemate) and a few other friends to run it with me so we’ll all be training together. I’m so excited!! If you have any race tips, I’d love to hear them! ALSOOO, a dozen of my Salted Dark Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut Cookies will be up for bid during Echoing Good’s Bake [Continue Reading…]

Aug 102011
Greek Salad with Lemon Garlic Dressing

So, I know I’ve already done a post on a traditional Greek salad, but I thought I’d do another version of it. My original post consisted of the same recipe used when I visited the Greek Islands and Athens about 6 years ago. Recently though, I have encountered numerous restaurants that serve their Greek salads differently. Maybe it’s served this way in other parts of Greece, or maybe it’s just Greek “inspired” but either way, I have not been able to stop eating this salad! It started when I ate a version of it at a local pizza joint. The light, lemony dressing caught my attention, and when it was mixed in with the butter leaf lettuce, kalamata olives and tomato wedges, I really enjoyed the combination. Then, fast forward to a couple of weeks later at another local restaurant named Crepeville: I was there for lunch when my collegue ordered [Continue Reading…]

Jun 202011
A Summer Strawberry and Feta Salad

It’s hot. I don’t know if it’s hot where you are right now, but this week is starting off way too warm for my liking (it was 80 degrees before 9am today!). Helllloooo, Summer! I am very grateful that I spend most of the day in an office that has air conditioning, but when I get home, it’s terrible. Single pane windows, no central air conditioning, and around 6pm the sun shoots straight into our living room through the sliding glass door and heats up the apartment even more. My roommates and I chose location over the luxury of apartment amenities, so it’s kind of our own fault we live in an apartment that is so bad at keeping the heat out. But no regrets! Hopefully, it will cool down later this week. So when your living room is about 95 degrees, what on Earth do you eat or cook?! [Continue Reading…]

Jun 092011
Strawberry, Avocado, and Mango Salad

What a week! From having my last two posts’ pictures featured on Foodgawker (and one on Tastespotting!), to having the honor of working with two great ladies from The Frugal Flambe and The Paleo Project in executing a 3-tiered guest post on all of our blogs, to being featured on the Foodbuzz’s Daily Top 9 two days ago, I am ecstatic! That may not seem like much to some, but for me, it’s beyond what I’ve ever imagined. Welcome, new readers! I hope you will enjoy this blog. And to the devoted readers that have been following me throughout these past six months, I cannot be more grateful that you have put up with my random thoughts and endless rants about life and food. When I started this blog on January 1st this year, I never expected that anyone more than my close friends and family would read it. And I was [Continue Reading…]

May 312011
A Weekend Filled with Spinach and Snow

Yep, you read correctly…snow at the end of May! For Memorial Day weekend, a group of friends and I headed up to beautiful Lake Tahoe for a weekend getaway. It snowed 2 out of the 3 days we were there! Although unexpected, the snow was beautiful to watch fall and blanket the driveway and trees outside. It truly was a winter wonderland in late Spring. We spent hours playing Taboo, sang along to the live music played by our talented friends, and had a great time catching up next to the warm fire that was roaring all weekend long. On top of all that, we had great food! Our group decided to pitch in and get enough food to make group meals throughout the trip. This time, however, we didn’t realize the idea of “enough food for everyone” also applied to spinach. Our friend, who was doing all the food shopping, got a little too much [Continue Reading…]

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