Oct 082013
Shrimp and Avocado Crostini

Avocados are amazing. Especially when you find one that’s perfectly ripe and beautifully green after you slice it in half. You know that awesome feeling, right? Or is it just me?? It’s like a small, but very fulfilling food win that deserves a pat on the back :) And shrimp? Anything with seafood is delicious in my book. Add a little citrus and spice, and you’ve got yourself an easy, flavorful snack/appetizer! Remember how I’m training for my first half marathon? Well, it’s in less than a month…EEK!…and I’m definitely not prepared. I’m running the race with a few coworkers, my roommate, and two of my friends so although I’m huffing and puffing during each of my runs, I’m really excited to finish a 13.1 mile race! A fellow food blogger friend, Ishita, was also training for a different half (which she just completed–go Ishita!) so we had a lot [Continue Reading…]

Jun 062012
Sautéed Fava Beans and Shrimp

A friend was nice enough to bring a big bag of fava beans over from his garden one weekend, and I just couldn’t wait to cook them up! (By the way, my friends are so awesome for always bringing me fun ingredients or sending me new recipes. I just had to note that.) Anyway, FAVA BEANS! These tasty things are great and also a very nutrient-rich legume, might I add. Fava Beans are high in fiber and protein as well. So of course I made it a point to add butter to this recipe. And shrimp! This recipe is incredibly simple to make but so tasty. Fava beans are a little more work because you actually have to shell them twice but it’s such a great variation to your everyday meals. Well worth it if you ask me. Plus, you don’t need to get really fancy with fava beans. They [Continue Reading…]

May 272012
Family Time and Hot Pot Love

Earlier in May, I missed my stepdad’s birthday and Mother’s Day. Usually, I go home back to Sonoma County and celebrate with them but due to my hectic schedule at work, it was a little harder this year. Luckily, I was selected to be a part of Foodbuzz’s 24×24 this month! All hail Foodbuzz! So yesterday, we invited the entire family over to my Grandpa’s house and made spring rolls, hot pot, and flan! Now I’d be lying if I said I cooked and hosted the entire thing. You see, I love cooking and baking but in my family, everyone is such a great cook. So as I attempted to plan out the entire event, my mom and aunt were my saviors for this meal by helping me out. Not only did they bring a bunch of cooking supplies for me (so I didn’t have to lug everything from San [Continue Reading…]

Nov 152011
Bacon-Wrapped Abalone Poppers

Today’s Reader Guest Post: Tammer from Oakland, California [Tammer is a close friend who is an amazing cook. On top of this recipe, he makes a ridiculously delicious abalone ceviche that is to die for! I am constantly in awe of the creative things he comes up with in the kitchen. Enjoy!] ************************************************************** Eaten abalone is not soon forgotten. It’s truth, and as an ab diver I never get tired of hearing people fondly recall an abalone feast from long ago.  I’ve been diving for Red Abalone for a half-decade now and have had the pleasure of introducing many friends to this animal that was hunted for thousands of years by Native Americans along California’s coast.   Today, the highly regulated take of abalone, along with the difficulty of free-diving to find these elusive sea snails, ensures that each meal is special for both the first timer and the avid diver [Continue Reading…]

Jul 202011
Sesame Crusted Seared Ahi Tuna

I have an unconditional love for seafood. Unconditional. It’s just so tasty, and I can’t explain why. This sesame crusted tuna is unbelievably easy and quick to make. Searing it adheres the sesame seeds on so nicely and seals in the freshness of the fish. The other day, I didn’t really feel like trying something at a picnic, and a friend  called me out reminded me that I had just written about giving things/food second chances. And he was absolutely right! Today, I am simply grateful for that reminder. And in honor of that, I decided to make a version of a dish that I absolutely hated when I first tried it and now enjoy: sashimi. Now I loveeee raw fish! And I spend way too much money on it! Recently, though, I visited the seafood counter at Nugget Market inquiring about their oysters and tuna. The very nice man behind [Continue Reading…]

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