Jan 282014
Homemade French Onion Dip

The Super Bowl is coming up! I’d be lying you to if I said I was really into football (and we don’t lie to each other on this blog) but I AM super pumped for all of the food that I’ll get to munch on during the game. This year, I don’t think there will be a snackadium involved, but I’m ok with just eating this dip. I’d really just like to face-plant into this french onion dip. Over and over again. There’s something wonderful about caramelized onions, and it makes me want to find caramelized onion scented candles so I can continuously smell the aroma. Making caramelized onions also lets me practice patience. The longer you wait, the more delicious they will taste. And it’s worth it! This french onion dip (adapted from Iowa Girl Eats) is made with Greek yogurt and cream cheese, instead of mayonnaise and sour [Continue Reading…]

Game Day Recipe Round-Up and Giveaway Winners!

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Oct 242011
Game Day Recipe Round-Up and Giveaway Winners!

Football all day Saturdays, Sundays, and Monday nights, basketball (when there’s not a lockout), soccer, the World Series for baseball, and most importantly, San Jose Sharks hockey games… There are so many games going on this time of the year and not enough time to watch everything! But we make time. Because watching sports is fun. Unfortunately, I never really watch basketball though (sorry to¬†disappoint¬†all you basketball fans and my best friend). But no matter which sport, what I love more is the company you’re with when you watch the games. And what I love almost just as much are the snacks and food made to sustain you through the 2 plus hours of the game. Ok, ok, I may like the food more than the games. Except Sharks games. But in any case, whether you are a die-hard super sports fan or a I-have-no-idea-what-is-going-on-during-this-play viewer, here is a round [Continue Reading…]

A Festive Super Bowl Potluck

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Feb 062011
A Festive Super Bowl Potluck

Any game day ignites the tradition of gathering friends and family, huddling around a TV, cheering for your favorite sports team, and eating food but when it’s Super Bowl Sunday, the event is even mightier. Wings, chili, burgers, steaks, dips, cookies, pretzels, pigs in a blanket and anything else that you can stuff quickly in your mouth without missing plays in the game are plentiful on this one day of the year. This year was not any different for my friends and me. A couple hours before kick-off, we all gathered and played a customary pre-Super Bowl football game (with a lot less mud than last year due to the warm weather). It was truly a perfect day to spend outside and really have some fun! And after, we gathered together to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers battle it out for the win. For those not [Continue Reading…]

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