Jun 292011
Red, White, and Blue Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

The 4th of July is almost always comprised of social gatherings including BBQs and potlucks! When I was younger, I use to live in a cul de sac where the neighborhood was really child-friendly. Every 4th of July, we would block off the entire neighborhood and hold a huge potluck BBQ that would end in lighting off an obscene amount of fireworks into the darkness. Did anyone else ever use sparklers to write their names in the sidewalk as a kid? It’s so entertaining! Now that I am old enough to have the responsibility of contributing to the potlucks I attend (instead of taking credit for what my parents bring) I am always searching for fun dishes to share with my friends and family! So, what can you make that feeds a large amount of people, doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet, and is bursting with color? Chocolate covered [Continue Reading…]

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